@LN oh no! Is that a vac-filler breaking? Why would it do that?

@edebill it's a vac mini. I have had it for a number of years and it just cracked. TWSBI Customer service is super responsive, but they are not sure they have this finish in stock and apparently, they cannot ship from the factory right now. So it may take a while to fix.

@LN :( very sad. Those are such great little pens. Hopefully they can get it sorted soon.

@edebill I think I am going to try my luck with some superglue in the mean time. I normally always have it inked.
It's a great pen and perfect for my tiny hands.

@LN that seems reasonable. That part doesn’t affect its ability to hold ink at all. Just how it@looks and feels.

@edebill Exactly. Right now I just cannot screw the nob back on the barrel. It still holds ink :)

Since it is a TWSBI, you may find a solution for that problem! 👍😉

I feel your pain. Is Canada accepting overseas mail again?

As far as I know, there's no problem with mail to and from Canada now. At least not with Portugal.

@joaopinheiro @SlowRain Well, I think it is not that general.
Did not seem to have issue getting mail from France, the Netherlands, or the UK recently.
But TWSBI customer service did mention they may not be able to ship to Canada from the factory.

@LN @joaopinheiro
As of a week or 2 ago, Taiwan's postal service said mail couldn't be sent to Canada. I think courier services are available, though.

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