Working sitting at home, teaching sitting at home, being in meetings sitting at home. I have a good chair, but after months my back is starting to be mad at me.

@LN I can't recommend a sit-stand desk more in this time. I got this one and converted my existing desk to a sit stand

While this one is out of stock, I highly recommend getting a manual one. It gives you an extra energy boost whenever you switch from one mode to the other

@brandon I have not pulled the trigger because I kept hoping that I would be able to get back to the office "soon" (the number of cases in Nova Scotia is low) and I love my desk (an old teachers desk from ~1920 that I adore). Sigh...

@LN Idk if you have the space but it might be worth making a separate space for different activities and have two desks

@SlowRain I used to have one in high school. Might be worth investigating!

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