I am not happy about Daft Punk coming to an end.

TIL about Daft Punk. But, I'm not surprised I haven't heard of them before: they wear helmets instead of cowboy hats. 🤠

@SlowRain @SlowRain They exploded when I was in high school. And it is not every day that a French band gets that level of popularity worldwide.
Long story short: If you are French and my age, chances are Daft Punk is big deal to you.

I'm probably the only person you know who doesn't have a Spotify account. 😁

I checked out those songs on YouTube, though. If I have heard them in a department store or someplace like that, then I don't remember.

Don't feel bad. I have this problem with the Beetles, too. I only know their songs if someone has remade them.

@SlowRain I know a lot of people without Spotify accounts. But normally I thought you could still access the track.

And the intention was not make you feel bad :)

One of the advantages of being an expat here is I have more control over what pop culture I'm exposed to. At the most, I could minimize whatever I wasn't interested in back in Canada. But I still couldn't control it 100%. Here, I have to actively seek it out. I could still be 100% in the loop if I chose to. I just choose not to for most things. Music is one thing I've *mostly* jettisoned.

Regarding the Beetles, it's a pain in the ass trying to do a NYT crossword puzzle without knowing much about them. 😞

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