The reason why schools require students write with washable blue.

Something I sent as a joke to a friend who was commenting on the fact that everyone in the fountain pen community is obsessed with flex nibs.
Written with a Mabie Todd Swan and some Waterman inspired blue.

For once nothing to do with pens.
Zizi Jeanmaire died today and I don't want to be sad. She was 96 and is afforded an incredible legacy. But I want to take the time to acknowledge this incredible dancer. She inspired me so much as teenager.

Playing with a Platinum Century #3776 while watching some Murder Mysteries.
Coarse nib. Iroshizuku Murasaki Shikibu ink.

The coolest ink bottle. Period.
Gourmet pens pink in Akkerman's bottle.

Spring is late, but our rhododendron looks pretty good right now.

Everything sucks right now. Let's have a look at my new pen:

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