Normally, I hate the day before the first day of class. Every year in the Fall, I hate every decision that led me to step into a classroom.
It usually goes away very fast. It's just a form of pre-stage jitters.

I haven't been physically in front of students for so long, that this year, for the first time in my life, there is only excitement.

First time out of Nova Scotia since 2019. Very long story, but I spent a couple of days in Québec (the city). Here is a sunset.

@SlowRain I don't know why I missed this. But I am useless on the topic!

@SlowRain Well, they tend to be pretty dry which is nice if you want something that dries fast :)
And ivory paper is wonderful, but some of my favorite red inks shine more on crisp white!

@SlowRain Like any iron gall ink, they tend to be on the dry side but they have good flow. Forest black lived in my vac mini for a long time without it being an issue, but I used the pen almost daily.
I really like the colors. All of them look so great and oldy on ivory paper.

@SlowRain Some cassis black, some forest black, and sepia black. I do like them if you can't tell :)

@SlowRain I have other Platinum inks that come in the same bottles :)

I never thought I could find such a perfect ink match for this Platinum Century #3776 Carnelian.

@SlowRain I am a classroom teacher through and through. I have done almost all my teaching completely online for the past 18 months. And my experience with hybrid has ended up with a TA dedicated to monitor online as I was doing classroom stuff. But I am sure that your students have very different needs than my working full time MBA students.

@Infoseepage @SlowRain I have been there on a school trip in Junior High :)

@SlowRain I am currently reading Master and Commander :)

@SlowRain @labellaragassa There are some of the movies that stand alone nicely if you want to give a try without overcommitting:
Iron Man 1
Captain America : the first avenger

After these 3 or any combination of them, watch The Avengers.

The first Guardians of the Galaxy can be watched early on because it doesn't fit in the overall of the continuity until later on.

@habmala A friend of mine and I have tried the experiment of a "mostly stickers" type of letter. We tried to tell a story using as many stickers and as little words as we can.

@SlowRain Mine looks a lot less high tech mostly because it includes a pile of books to prop up my computer and bring my webcam at eye level.

@SlowRain it's a little bit too warm to appreciate one.

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