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Certain themes I think I might cover in future essays:

-- Why people like Alita so much. ( Not as simple a thing as you might think. )
-- Why not politicizing Alita is a toxic feedback loop that ends up biting the original diplomacy.
-- Some of the subtle ways Alita was actually extremely left leaning, even for it own period.
-- A few other things as I think of them.

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Well the political views in this poem was much less subtle than I was hoping. But the only people that really want you to be not political have everything to gain from you not being political: using you at your expense.

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I feel like I'm more naturally a poet, so writing prose feels strange. Prose is like a relative, when you feel estranged. Oh shit, I rhymed again.

But manga's politics is almost comically obvious. No pun intended.

Especially what the whole flower in the scrapyard symbolized.

I think the reason the right wing doesn't want politics in Alita discussion, is because they know how much of a message Alita actually has.

I mean surely they must. It's absolutely in your face in the first nine volumes.

Yes I am being passive aggressive about people that either say: no politics for Alita, or "don't make it a social justice thing." Or conversely, that Alita is somehow anti-social justice.

Combine what's going on now with the current administration, came out at a curious time.

Ah really, what exactly do you mean by Martians James Cameron?

I mean it's absolutely obvious to me what is suppose to represent demographically.

As someone who knows about allegorical structure, and how how animals / plants / objects tend to represent demographics in movies like Brave Little Toaster.

As I was mentioning to my aunt last night: are seldomly just martians, if you know what I mean.

But the thing is given how I know tends to be associated with certain demographics, and I don't think one can avoid making Alita political about something.

Wow I sound cynical: just spam Birkenstocks to keep the no political people away.

But in any case, you simply cannot avoid making political, whatever that means.

Me trying not to be is ... a bit of a losing proposition.

Granted if I weren't followed by this birkenstock brand, I'd be a lot less shy about trying to find Birkenstock fashion for Alita.

Mostly because they're the "women look ugly in birkenstocks" types, not the "birkenstocks == Jesus" types.

Birkenstocks == Jesus types is a ... interesting type of strange.

Sorry, the Birkenstock CW is to get the "don't be political" people off my trail.

It's not a Birkenstock advertisement.




Birkenstock Woes 

Maybe I'm overthinking to much, that could be it.

Remember, writer, not genre fiction.

I mean think about it, with all the passages, it almost seems to imply some kind of theme with Scrapyard as a form of purgatory. Meatspace purgatory.

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