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Creator of , a French-based Japanese creole constructed language, and writer of and .

But as far as movies go, I don't care if I'm a leftist, and the director is a goose stomping sociopath.

Sometimes you just got to enjoy art, and fuck "morals", something easily twisted with extreme ideologies.

Note that in this sense, I mean economic leftist.

I want to find out what a novel would even by like. Technically Anna-Marie With Her Shotgun is kind of that ( before it was what I established as the prequel. )

Reasons to switch to Linux Mint, it's the one Linux OS that most like Windows if that's what you're used to.

One downside, for most people, setting up a scanner might be a hurdle. Printer works fine however.

I'll role my own distro someday, not right now though.

The main person that did the "how alt-right controls youtube" is cute as a button.

But then again when you're as far left as Stalin, but as Libertarian as Emma Goldman, you probably wont find much common ground even with other Libertarian Leftists.

It is valuable from a historical perspective of the Left on youtube though, back when Alt-Right channels still had viewerships that made them relevant.

It doesn't mean anything though if you're an economic Marxist, and social libertarian.

Welp that audible anarchist video aged well: not. Especially with the whole Contrapoints thing.

Makes you wonder how Moderate some political moderates ( see alt-light ) really are though.

( I mean right-wing moderates, not left-wing moderates. )

Anyone's end goal should just be to ghost youtube.

Also don't kid yourself, the far left on youtube does similar stuff.

It's funny, one of the AA people's channel, the guy looks a lot like King Leonidas. Not terribly sure if that's intentional.

I wont say who though, as I'm not that kind of person.

I think I've known such infiltrators. It's great, because I care about youtube and twitter about as much as I like eating caviar.

Isn't the whole youtube thing between the left and right basically just an elaborate form of larping?

The right is larping with personal information though.

That hands down is actually one of the big reasons I haven't bothered learning a Germanic language, outside of French being a slightly more romance version of a hybrid language.

Obviously there are German language leftists, but I don't mean those amazing people.


One other upside, you can make different channels for following different people.

I use an Alita channel to follow Alita stuff, another channel for everything else, like Blue <3.

Mastodon still wont replace Patchwork for sneakernet reasons, but I can make a good app out of it, and doesn't give me anxiety issues.

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