See the issue isn't exclusivity.

Hafestran Rose is a completely seperate set of media, distinct from comic books.

It's suppose to be a digital multi media magazine, with a print subscription model.

There is also a the thing.

Excuse me, but I produce Adult Graphic Novels.

I don't give one shit about a family friendly atmosphere.

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Amazing how people just can’t seem to handle a different perspective. It also highlights why building businesses on platforms you don’t own/control is risky.


I think I'll focus on my producing my magazine imprint rather than go for a publisher at this point.

The whole "everyone on Twitter should act professional" without defining what professional is, and holding no contracted people to a social contract.

Not appealing to me.

Is it just my perception or are communities in particular especially toxic?

Testing out a new poetry form:

I'm there
In the forest path.
With the swaying trees
In the forest path.
I see the dark.

So many years ago I fell.
I fell so long down the winding trail.
In the forest path,
I fell so long down the winding trail.

Falling, falling down the winding hill.
The wind was cold, the sky rainy.
I feel so long down the winding trail.
In the forest path.

So many years ago I fell.
The wind was cold, the sky rainy.

When you get used to Mastodon / Peertube, you really start to realize how unchill twitter / youtube is.

Theoretically publishing doesn't have to regionally specific, but realistically if I move to Canada or Europe, it would be more practical publish where I'm located.

@OmarSpahi What happened with the blue check mark? :/

Maybe I just don't think like a businessman, but has anyone else noticed how if you want to start an initiative, another business doing the same model thinks you're trying to compete?

Ex. I'm wanting to get into , not . That happen to serialize comics, as one artistic medium it does.

This way all I ever post to Twitter will be my secondary personal account.

Sorry just voicing frusteration about people on Twitter.

A lot of talk, but with Terraform put that into practice?

For any writer still using , please reconsider whether or not ( in the long run ) benefit your writing career using that as your writing platform:

They seem to think nothing of deleting the message board account of people that routinely are critical of their bugs and flaws on their website.

While it is trivial for to me to use the message board on my other account. The point is they disable posting for those who they deem excessively critical of their countless issues.

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Wattpad, Automated Moderation 

One of the biggest issues with was that they had automated moderation, and that the button was easily hijacked by people with leanings and persuasions. So all you really had to do was get on the outs of a user that decided they didn't like you for some reason, whether you are aware of it or not, and then use that to basically spam 's systems, with very little opprotunity to actually defend yourself in the system.

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