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Remember, there is always a third option: just because AIs wont take over doesn't necessarily mean everything will be honky dory either.

More likely its humans that will be total bastards to AIs, as they have been with virtually every other technology.

I also don't think the future i an either / or. More like elements of humanity and AI coexisting.

AI also isn't the only technology.

Do people really believe that shit? What makes people think future society will really be split between Cosmosts or Terrans?

It seems like people are way to obsessed about extremes on either spectrum sometimes.

I think a more realist approach is more appropriate.

I don't think we'll ever get to the same point my MC Millie is at:

She's basically a video game character that can self-actualize, and thus 3D prints a physical avatar she in our own reality, and all the implied character-building that comes with that.

I swear to god if this fire alarm complains about casual smoke again, I'm ripping out out of my apartment ceiling.

You need an alarm for fire emergencies.

Not casual god damn cooking.

Programming is basically the only thing I can do now, that doesn't have hard sf people and literary fiction people bitching at each other left and right, and mastering the art of procrastination.

Biggest thing is I feel like I'm having to please both audiences that aren't really my audience anymore.

I'm into the that likes to read some bedtime poetry with his contemporary fiction, even if that includes some of a nature

I'm just sick of the self-congratulatory Masturbation that exists in the most Mainstream of Literary and hardest of science fiction sometimes.

Those of us who write social science fiction or magical realism tend to get thrown under the bus because of it.

I mean I know not all is like that, but it's a little bit irritating when I have to be the school teacher telling people to settle down, when I'd rather be writing some essays and memoirs.

And for what it's worth, it's not like some writing groups on some crowd-publishers I've been on. I call those "in today's, out tommorrows".

Mostly because the whole "If you write literary, you must be a snob" is kind embarrassing, and a little misleading.

I'm approaching thirty, I don't have time to focus on bygones, like centralized social media.

I understand that Literary and Science Fiction hate each other, as it's like Republicans versus Democrats in a way, but for the

But they both make outsiders out of people that could have fallen in line with either of them if it were a few decades earlier.

Now I'm just like ... fuck them sibling bullshit. I'm pursuing a collection of a Tech Memoir / essays.

I have a problem with two fiction communities: I have a problem with science fiction, because of a lack of a welcoming atmosphere for those who choose not to write about far off places, and prefer the nearest of futures and technology.

With Literary, it's more complicated, as one of my books was marked as literary once, even though I don't ascribe to that either. I'm not sure what it is I write, it comes closest to magical realism.

But it's not that either.

And this is kind of what I mean when I say I write in a stream of consciousness fashion.

My general impression of Whatever anarcho-capitalist leaning you're imagining about , is even worse.

Now I have used just to see how much of an alt-right cesspit it is.

It sure lives up to its reputation!

That's as much as I can say, without calling out specific "Alt-Right Feminists".

Yea ... I couldn't believe those existed either: but she uses Gab.

If you're an anarcho-feminist, and you have TERF views, please, for all that is holy, get some help!

Things like that do not represent Anarcho-Feminism.

Feminists are some of the nicest people I've ever met.

I mean I hold out hope Helen Bulyunski will change. But man oh man, she needs to rethink her statements about trans people sometimes.

This Helen Of Destroy hates Stephen Molyneux.

That should say a lot, because Helen is the most transphobic person I've listened to online in ... a very long time.

I mean, it really says something, when "classical liberals" also fucking hate Stephan Molyneux. And this lady uses slurs like it's a hot Sunday!

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