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Texas :tx: voters:
Your statewide #PrimaryElections are taking place Tuesday, 7/14/20.

There is a runoff election for Democrats to choose the candidate to take on Republican U.S. Senator John Cornyn in November, plus primaries for U.S House and many local seats.

Find your polling place here. Voting hours are 7AM-7PM. #WearAMask and follow #SocialDistancing

It is past the deadline to mail a ballot in the U.S. If you're overseas, it must be postmarked by 7/14. :voteblue:

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On the one hand, you have medical experts across the country SCREAMING about how bad of an idea this is and how many people will be killed.

On the other, an entire political party dedicated to ignoring the advice of experts and doing the opposite of what is right in order to troll who they believe are their enemies.  


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A very special welcome to Democratic Congressional candidate for Congress Stephanie Rimmer! 💥

She's running for Arizona's 6th district and is one of my favorite candidates for 2020.

Give her a follow @stephanierimmer2020 and check out her website.

Chip in if you can! #ElectDemocrats #2020election

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Remember that time between 1789 and 2016 when all our other Presidents with the debatable exception of Franklin Pierce didn’t openly call for insurgency in multiple states?

That was cool.

I don't care who your first choice was. Vote this guy out.

Trump makes call to ‘liberate’ states, a day after issuing guidelines that leave the decision up to governors:

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@IronMan The people who allegedly run that place just don’t care unless you’re threatening their bottom line.

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Bernie Sanders is doing the right thing here. Now that he’s ending his presidential campaign, Democrats will be able to focus on defeating Trump, the real adversary. We can’t be each other’s enemies. Winning is too important.

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We do get a lot less new users since has moved down on the list on😿 #mstdn #mastodon

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Amy Klobuchar

Mr. President, if you can protect your health and your right to vote -- don’t ALL Americans deserve the same? Why are you trying to block my bill to let all Americans vote by mail?

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Trump on January 22: "It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine."

But there were warnings about COVID-19 in November. They knew and ignored the warnings and waited until March 13th to make any sort of move.

Regardless of how things go, they would have been much better without Trump as President. 

His response to this crisis has been an epic failure.


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@lakesideliberal @NatashaRomanova
I hope his followers put as much energy behind Biden as they did Bernie.

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4 years ago I was behind Bernie, but when Hillary won the nomination I fully supported her candidacy-that is what rational adults do. Anyone who is screaming "Never Biden" or spouting nasty anti-Biden crap is being blocked. We must work together to defeat Trump.

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2:30pm Pacific
4:30pm Central
5:30pm Eastern

President Biden will be live-streaming a town hall




Y’ALL. Share this far and wide. Today at 2:30 PDT/5:30 EDT is live-streaming a town hall. We’ll run it on our site, but GET EVERYONE TO TUNE OUT TRUMP AND TUNE IN BIDEN


Good Morning @stux 🌷🐾

You’ll be here earlier than me today & it’s time I get some sleep.

Have a wonderful day! 😺

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Thank you so much Lady D! ❤️ You guys are making my day, really! 🙇 I feel so blessed with you all! Thank you! Thank you! ❤️

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I believe we will, there will be hard times ahead but we are strong and will endure the trials set before us. I have faith we as a nation can and will pull through. I also believe that we will remember the sorrow, sadness, and anger from what we will endure. I honored to call all of you friends. WE will do this together. @IronMan @Thunderbirds511 @AgentCarter_SSR @stux @PepperPotts

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