After the Gerry Cinnamon concert at the hydro. They would have been buzzing, I was at the Aberdeen one 😂

Poll results, well done everyone who boosted the result last night

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Hahaha just noticed it’s had almost 3k votes since last night and now over 77% 😄

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Interesting article citing Lord Ashcroft findings about postal voting. They doubled in the last 2 years? Even if there was a conspiracy, the media wont touch it as per

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Bob Boswells account on "Bluebird" is suspended. Don't know if he's taking a break or the Union trolls have caused this. He sounded pretty down in the last few tweets he sent. Anyone have any info on him?

Also, has Ron Corrie appeared on Mastodon at all?

I’ve got the 2 accounts set up now, can someone post the migration instructions from social to .scot, don’t want to lose followers and following. It’s got lost in the Toots. Be easier to find in notifications as I’m off out for a few hours. Thanks in advance

I haven’t moved to .scot yet, not had time to study it and make sure I do it right

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Tell ya Twitter is definitely quiet, Ive had one like and one retweet for a retweet I did this morning about mastodon. Same goes for seeing followers posts. I think we've achieved something in less than 24 hours. Well done everyone

I’m sure yoons and trolls will find a way to infiltrate so let’s be vigilant and toot their profiles so we can purge them. If you scroll through my followers and following or any others and spot an infiltrator make us aware. Right now we’ve been busy connecting with each other on a platform we’re not sure how to work yet

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I would like to see any unionist on the .Scot server just being mass blocked with no replies given to any post by indy supporters.

There's enough of that on Twitter to last a life time.

A platform where folk can feel free to be critical and debate policy of ScotGov/SNP is healthy away from unionist diatribe and without fear of being classed as a dissenter within the indy ranks.

It would be nice to have a grown up place to go, to escape the Twitter hordes.

What is the difference between .social and .scot anyway?

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From the same BBC article, it looks as though the British establishment disapproves of Mastodon. The article states, referring just to one option: "While many have hailed Mastodon as a great alternative to Twitter, some have pointed out that its not as easy to use, which means its unlikely that Mastodon is going to take over - even in the long term."

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If we all stay or cross over to .scot, isn't that just an echo chamber bubble.

Plus if that bubble is burst then all follows are lost. Isn't it better to spread it about in instances. Just saying.

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