I would kill for this kitten. Her name is Pumpkin and she is very smol.

Please excuse my derpy expression but I got to meet this little Princess and omg

So, I forgot this existed for a little while. Twitter, however, is still a garbage fire so here I am. Does a LRR instance exist yet?

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Hey Mastodon, might I recommend a thing to you? There is a really great thing going on right now and it's called Desert Bus for Hope, they are playing the worst game ever to collect money for children in hospitals, so please visit .org and check it out!

Last nights I sat on my best friends couch with his dog, watching Desert Bus and playing the new pokemon game. Life is good.

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If you don't know, every year I work with the charity marathon over at desertbus.org/ to do a poster for the event, which raises money for children's hospitals.

As this nerdy week-long marathon happens (starting Nov. 17th this year!) I watch the entire thing and draw the silly stuff they do on stream to fill up the poster.

They're on their 11th year of doing this, and I've already started on the poster. You can see below the one I did for Desrert Bus 9, and the one I just started for Desert Bus 11!

Tune in, spread the word, and donate if you can. Or just watch, I have a tun of fun seeing it each year!

If anyone can recommend a *good* android app for Mastodon let me know!


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