Quick take: contains some true nonsense lol, but it's not all bad, definitely worth engaging with imo

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Ok, done with Burke's reflections on the revolution in France. Guess I'll blog on it at some point!

I'm not saying nuance is bad, exactly, but sometimes I just want the broad-brush-strokes picture tbh, instead of an enumeration of exceptions

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Historians love to move beyond the simplistic views of earlier scholars to take a more nuanced approach

I suppose in some ways this is a 'conservative' perspective, but I don't think it implies substantive conservative politics at all, tbh

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there's a real 'hunger for purity' in the discourse around legitimacy, as if the right institutional structure can wash away every horror by which it's constituted

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Increasingly think that 'legitimacy' is a complete red herring in political philosophy - the question is just "what's better, what's worse"

Burke, buddy, you're writing a 300-page book, this is already a long discourse

listening to the new Burial EP and reading Brandom. embodying very precisely a quite niche caricature.

I am begging all social-scientific disciplines to make 2022 the year that we finally move beyond the structure/agency debate

Need to do some reading to better articulate this opinion of mine lol

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Still really loving Robert Brandom's stuff 👍👍♥️♥️

My god Brandom's interpretation of Hegel's 'inverted world' as formally equivalent to - and an incisive critique of - Lewisian possible world semantics is amazingly clever. I'm complete agnostic at this point as to whether and to what extent it's correct as an interpretation of Hegel, but it's incredibly clever.

Good bit of Brandom on Hegel vs Tarski here from about 2:06:50 youtu.be/mSeVpJDGzfE

God save us from Marxist polemics. Just make your argument lol, there's no need to devote 1/3rd of your text to gratuitously insulting every other scholar or activist who has ever dared to discuss the same topic.

man, in the safety of my almost entirely unread Mastodon account let me say this: I fucking hate transaction cost economics

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transaction cost economics: quite stupid actually tbh tbh

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