For free flow of communication, empathy and positivity, we need to leave our egos behind. What birdsite did was to make us the slaves of our own ego and used Ego as the biggest weapon against us. ego doesn't let one have unity, ego doesn't let us emphasize. Ego doesn't let us empower others.
Now that we are here, we can undo this. Baby steps.


Let's start like this. . Shit post. Stop taking yourself so seriously. Let's joke about ourselves. Have fun. Reach out to people, boost people. . Initiate talks, debates. Laugh. Let your hair down. Bald people let your imaginary hair down

@noorul @Lahirip oh, I know I am one of the most handsome person in the Cow Country.

@Lahirip I feel personally attacked... a good way! :blobaww:

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