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BJP, Shiv Sena and Congress playing Biggboss at this moment

@Lahirip I afraid but those who are ruling currently aren’t either politically correct or factually correct.

These days you can either be politically correct or factually correct

An interesting observation that I have honed last few years.

People really don't mind corruption if they see that their leaders are still doing everything to ensure that their lives are improving in due process.

Request : Tooters who have a blue tick after their name in Masodon, please remove. It is a status symbol, a relic of the BirdSite. We really have no place for a caste or class heirachy here. Of course, it is upto you.

I simply love the proactiveness and solidarity between the members and moderators in here. I guess it all starts from the top. Leaders and developers show the way. And I am here to stay

Men and women are divided by their strengths and United by their insecurities

A guy in my gym asked me how to change the way he looks. I told him to go back in time and change his parents, but better still not bother and get back to his exercise.

Shower in cold water in winter to see God for few seconds

For the #India new mastodon users specially, will you be interested in a weekly #digitalsecurity office hour where I will be taking questions about security and #privacy here and answer / demo over both video + on toots? Please boost for more reach

Any here? Would love to connect with you.
You can follow back if you'd like to see me whine about not being able to write, followed by the "motivational talk" I give myself.

Let's start like this. . Shit post. Stop taking yourself so seriously. Let's joke about ourselves. Have fun. Reach out to people, boost people. . Initiate talks, debates. Laugh. Let your hair down. Bald people let your imaginary hair down

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For free flow of communication, empathy and positivity, we need to leave our egos behind. What birdsite did was to make us the slaves of our own ego and used Ego as the biggest weapon against us. ego doesn't let one have unity, ego doesn't let us emphasize. Ego doesn't let us empower others.
Now that we are here, we can undo this. Baby steps.

All those folks who are migrating from birdsite to the Mastodon Fediverse, please stop bringing all the bad practices like verified tickmarks out here. There is nothing great about being verified out here. Your username is specific to a particular instance (server). There is no point in using a verifed tickmark because a particular username can be used in another instance (server). And it is impossible to prevent that.

Listen up its not ok to reply with Ok Boomer to your boss's mail

I am planning to end my Sunday watching some good documentary on netflix. So far my mind is blank.

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