hello. havent used this site in quite a while

does anyone wanna join my mega man discord server? reply for an invite

Does anyone here like mega man? I wanna talk fandom

does anyone who's fun ever legitimately use social lol?

when u get warned for discussing dark topics in a tabletop game despite CWing your posts and get warned for "going into detail" Despite painting the subject with the broadest brush you possibly can πŸ™ƒ


Gnoll knots. That is all.

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Please help, crowdfunding 

Gather around friends.

A fellow community member needs our help.

He's lost livestock, now cannot make payment on their mortgages and facing foreclosure on their house and farm.

Tabletop.social/fediverse I reach out to you to make a difference. (1/n)

does anyone here like mega man?
I've got a mega man server and we're looking for a few more active users. Only requirement is that you must have played a mega man game.

How much does it cost to make your own mastodon instance?

It's super drawn out. I really hope rise of tiamat isnt this bad.

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Hoard of the dragon queen kinda sucks...

for those of you who have seen into the spiderverse, who is your favorite spiderman? Do you have a spidersona?

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every once in a while i get the masochistic urge to ink a whole bunch of flowing wavy hair and this is the perfect excuse tbh #wip #castlevania

So I saw into the spiderverse today. It was really really good! Please watch one of Stan Lee's final films. You won't be disappointed.

Talk to me about ! what adventures are you going on? tell me about your characters!

would love to support a local business but I can't do that if it wont open.

I gave up on the tabletop store opening up before my break is over so I just bought my shit off of amazon

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