Man, could you imagine if other workers reacted like tech Industry ones do?
"my car broke down." "UH, HOW ABOUT YOU MAKE YOUR OWN CAR THEN?"

"LEARN A SEWING LANGUAGE THEN" has to be the funniest thing I've ever typed. Bar none.

@Lanthus part of the techie mythos is that you can do anything by yourself if you are good at code

@Ashoka @Lanthus
So, I think it's sort of complicated in an interesting way, but it's related to cultural insularity & economic status.

From the 60s to the 80s, programmers were basically always from upper class backgrounds -- college students in an era where college education was rare. The following generation was mostly latch-key kids from the middle class. Both groups have reason to systematically undervalue their time.

@Lanthus @Ashoka
This sort of feeds into post-arcade video game culture too: if you can afford the box, then mastery is mostly a matter of time spent. Combine fetishization of self-sufficiency with many years of childhood spent mostly in self-directed learning & you get a recipe for systematically undervaluing competence.

Most people's time isn't cheap enough to make mastery of these things sensible inside *or* outside of childhood.

@Ashoka @Lanthus
But, for a programmer, starting before 18 & not needing to bring down an income until after 25 is almost a necessity. Lots of learning has to be front-loaded before a dev is not a net liability to any project they're on. (About 10 years worth.)

If you did your 10 years when you were 10, it's easy to forget.

@Lanthus LOL 😂 I'd say that's more of a typical open source dev reply than tech industry in general. Open source culture is very much do-it-yourself and not a business culture. Outside of that, tech happily gives you price quotes for fixing/building something instead of telling/explaining how to fix it yourself.

@xj9 @Lanthus Nah.
Skill differentiation allows us to create complex stuff like cars and code and clothing, but the "differentiation" part of that means not everyone can do all of those things alone.

@Lanthus Use python's turtle module to sew things.

Would be pretty cool

@Lanthus Forgetting of course that cars and pants are not free, but open source software usually is.

@wogan @Lanthus I think you're projecting by thinking this is only about open source.

@b_cavello @Lanthus It largely is though.

Software/technology that's paid for usually includes some sort of support. If it breaks, it gets fixed at the vendor's expense.

@wogan @Lanthus I'll point to the video games industry (and, admittedly, pop culture user base) as a great example of "well, just make your own" response.
Potentially exacerbated is OSS for the reasons you mentioned, tho

@b_cavello @Lanthus Ahh, but that's a different problem domain.

Vehicles, healthcare, power, water, those things are very very difficult to create and maintain efficiently, and "Do It Yourself" is hardly an option.

Culture - books, music, art, and games - very much IS a "Do It Yourself" sphere. That's what art is all about - people creating and expressing.

So if you don't like a piece of culture, just make a better one. That's always worked, far as I know.

@wogan @Lanthus not sure I agree on the dichotomy there, but I see your point.

@b_cavello @Lanthus For eg if you were paying me a monthly fee for something, and it broke, I can't tell you to "go fix it yourself".

First thing you'd do is cancel and demand a refund, and rightly so.

@tekniklr it does. Which is why I intentionally worded it sillier than how it happens.

I guess you haven't been friends with many professional seamstresses or gear heads? They do that all the time to their "in group" the problem is, now that billions use technology, a lot of non technologists are mixed in with the "in group" and neither side has a clear comprehension of who are experts or novices. I still think shipping TCP/IP stacks in consumer OSes was a horrid mis-design for profit motives. The net was much more peaceful before it became about start ups and profit. @Lanthus

@Lanthus I actually did learn to sew for precisely that reason

I might be horrible

or smart

or horribly smart

or smartly horrible?

@Lanthus did you get your car and pants for free?

@Lanthus tbh that's basically what Popular Mechanics magazine was in the 1950s.

"Want a swimming pool with a poolside radio? Here's how to build one with a shovel and some war surplus radar valves"

There's also interactions that are more like
"my Yugo broke down"
"Maybe don't buy a Yugo? You could even try this free car kit instead?"
"But I'm not used to other cars!"

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