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I have Cheeseburgers NJPW theme in my head, which is odd as I don't have it and it's not something I actively listen to

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It is here, the Instance Picker!
You can help your friends find a home on , by directing them to two places.

If you also want to provide them information about what Mastodon is, is the place

If you want to just help them pick an instance, @TheKinrar 's instance picker can be found at

And a feedback thread is here:

Oof my eye still kinda hurts, really wish I would have had my glasses on. Would've prevented this.

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I'm fine guys, it's more the amount of broken stuff in my life.

The base of my fan, the only thing in this house keeping me slightly cool, just shattered. Like, with no force or impact. Got plastic in my eye.

I'm not even gonna fix that typo. I'm not typing anymore

If I can't take Bunny at her eat, I don't deserve her at her est...

You know Punishment Martinez is getting a push when he gets promo packages, spooky voice changer focuses, a clean win, AND kicks Cheeseburger in his throat.

I'm so excited The Boys are getting actual work in and getting full blown feuds. They're going places, and that's saying something as they are LITERALLY two twins Castle found at random one night.

Fill out your bios you nerds.
Putting the name of your ship and your Twitter handle is not filling out your bio.

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Prior to 1.4.3: "please delete my account"

After 1.4.3: "please undelete my account"

Watching RoH 300 I'll likely be too invested to it up.

You know what's weird to me? If you Treat the Mario VS DK games as mainline and that lady in the Mario Odysey trailer is actually Pauline, Redesign Pauline has been in more mainline Mario games than Daisy.

I want IndieRPGpunk. Like the game equivalent of movies that are intentionally B grade Grindhouse stuff, but for games.

I see you there, Rachel. SubSkunking me...

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Don't misinterpret that as proud. That's a terrible sitcom.

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