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@Lawandemotions Well done! This is my individual satyagraha

Tata finance BJP, BJP supports NRC. I don't support NRC so I won't finance Tata . Boycott!

You are more than welcome to join mine and bring your friend too .

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For once, I'm proud of my alma mater!
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Solidarity from JGU and JGLS. Let it no longer be the case that we do not show solidarity or are too cocooned to care about the world. @HartoshSinghBal @grumpeoldman @Lawandemotions @saketgokhale @apar1984 @advsanjoy @saketgokhale @gautambhatia88 @jaynakothari @MenakaGuruswamy

The forces that divide us from our most disturbing desires- the ego, reason, civilization- are potent to be sure. But their potency is diminished when unconscious desires are inflamed by external events --- Freud

My very competent govt. is planning to increase the GST rates on all goods. Yes, during a SLOWDOWN.
Only a while ago, they cut the corporate taxes, hoping that will spur investments from the corporates. So basically the average person will be paying for the tax cuts for the rich.

A brilliant piece on LiveWire about cinema and how it affects the society we live in.

Bollywood Hypocrisy: Mixed Signals and Faux Feminism.


I wrote something on how Indian cinema reinforces a culture that's harmful for women in the guise of freedom of expression; and how it has the effect of endangering even the limited freedom women have.


Early people of the Internet were hosting their own servers and web pages. Of-course they were privileged people who know the how-to of running those.

Then as usual under Capitalism, some saw opportunities to profit by providing servers and spaces. When they were still figuring out what constitutes as value in Internet, a lot of capital went into it did not produce ROI (Return of Investment). Usually this is called as the “dot com burst” and Mr. Eben Moglen wrote a Manifesto on top of it which he titled, The dotCommunist Manifesto

After this period, they figured out what to capture as assets and value. It’s the data and interactions. They wanted to know all aspects of our life (public and private) and wanted to eradicate the idea of #Privacy in Internet. A lot of capital means Centralization for capturing values.

Centralization means single point of control. Single point of control means mass surveillance. Mass surveillance means lack of freedom with a selective kill switch in their control and self-censorship. Almost all of use here in #Fediverse know why we are here.

And here we are retrying to democratize the online space by decentralizing control and distributing data. The same way how the human society started with commons in scarcity and discrimination and then evolved into the regime of private property and now fighting to win a new world of commons again without those negative discriminations.

History has valuable lessons. We cannot afford to repeat same mistakes now and then. As mentioned, the early Internet users had the privilege to run their own servers. With old-phase and new-phase there is a qualitative and quantitative difference.

The tools that we have today to host our own means of communication are ofcourse sophisticated and better than what was there old-days. It needs to get more accessible for the masses to adopt it.

Manyver.se is a very good example of that.

Spoke to a RW who thinks Economic slowdown is fake news.

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