Some extremely well meaning people, give attention to obviously dumb posts on twitter. In my experience much of the toxicity I've seen on twitter has not come from trolls, it has come from people I follow, quote tweeting in order to call our on toxic shit. Excuse me but, if it weren't for you, many of us would have never had to see that shit, ffs

@Lawandemotions Unless it is done for humour and poke fun, I don't see the point of quote tweeting the toxic bullshit.

@bisaat Well, sometimes the quote is such that, its very strongly worded or framed in a very witty manner, to oppose a bad/ problematic tweet by someone famous.
That''s a skill few have. The others just drag toxicity into people's timeline.

@Lawandemotions I agree, most of the times it is not needed to quote tweet. It just spreads toxicity. Like we can do away quote tweeting Shefali, Tavleen, Madhukishwar, all dalaal anchors, etc.
Though as a concept I am still conflicted quote tweeting should exist or not. Even with quote tweeting twitter is very siloed, Mastodon instances would be even much more. To me what's the point of conversation in a silo as it is only preaching to the choir.

@VivekT Don't want to ruin anyone's mental peace. Some thoughts dot deserve the attention. Also don't want to turn this wonderful place, into the Bird site

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