Reading a book on ethics written by a Brahmin.
He gives a snap shot into various philosophies. Indian and Western. Western Philosophy he states the tenets and criticism. Indian philosophy though, I don't see any criticism.

@Lawandemotions Any particular Brahmin. Shri Aurobindo has his moments but a lot to plough thru. But if you are looking for self-help consolations than the consolation of philosophy wouldn't be the first call.

@DesCoutinho This is just compilation of various philosophical traditions, made by this civil servant.

@Lawandemotions Yeah but retired civil servants are the same everywhere you should have left that one alone. Why not just get a simple translation of one of the early dialogues of Plato and have at it. The only civil servant to write anything of worth and they all pretty much succumb to writing was Parkinson as in the laws. An awful way to meet the Philosophers my commiserations to you well done for seeing it thru to the bitter end

@Vishsai @Lawandemotions there was a phase in life where I read every philosophical text out there, more as means to challenge my own views and secondary as a means to study and understand.

I found that most views on society, particularly equality, came from empathetic philosophers. While others, who came from privilege fell back to using logic as a means to justify their stance. Actually I found more meaning in fiction writers like Ursula Le Guin, Herman Hesse, than traditional philosophers.

@Lawandemotions am a Brahmin & am not surprised at this. There is a wellknown Gujarati comic we used to listen, also a Brahmin & every program of his involved the same Indian & Western culture angle. But its not just limited to Brahmins this hiding behind sanskaars & blaming foreign culture act,others lap it up eagerly too. I guess its a necessity for those who don't want their next generation to have an independent way of thinking as it becomes inconvenient for them.

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