Wow such confidence evoking things, this government says.... Investments are going to pour into the economy.... Much wow.... *Clap clap*

Hello mast people, What is this eye in the corner? It's creeping me out.

Okay time to take break from revolution. Here's a sweet baby to awww at❤️😀

If any of you (or your friends) are feeling discouraged with the different interface, and newness of this place. 👇

So I first learnt about @Mastodon while reading Jenny Odell's 'How to do nothing: Resisting the attention Economy', couple of months ago. (Pgs attached below.👇 )
I was unsure about joining it, because I didn't know anyone here. But with so many cool people I share interests with, joining since yesterday, I'm determined to make this a thing to bring some balance back to the internet. :)
@Deepsealioness @Memeghnad

Ummm so this is what Gabbbar Singh thinks! I'm gonna stay here just to prove this arrogant prick wrong!

Can you please explain how this works- the setting of side of conduct etc.
And how servers are formed.
For eg. There are a lot of us from India today, mostly left leaning liberals / centrists how do we form a safe server? And making that server easily accessible to people who will be joining eventually.

Additional Pros:
7) No annoying Ads/ promoted content here.
8) Server specific content moderation. 👇

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