@Lawandemotions Well done! This is my individual satyagraha

Tata finance BJP, BJP supports NRC. I don't support NRC so I won't finance Tata . Boycott!

You are more than welcome to join mine and bring your friend too .

From birdsite 

For once, I'm proud of my alma mater!
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Solidarity from JGU and JGLS. Let it no longer be the case that we do not show solidarity or are too cocooned to care about the world. @HartoshSinghBal @grumpeoldman @Lawandemotions @saketgokhale @apar1984 @advsanjoy @saketgokhale @gautambhatia88 @jaynakothari @MenakaGuruswamy

The forces that divide us from our most disturbing desires- the ego, reason, civilization- are potent to be sure. But their potency is diminished when unconscious desires are inflamed by external events --- Freud

@mitsie still not in a place where I can take too many political truths, LoL. But I'll slowly watch....

@mitsie Is it Neccesary for me to have watched the movie/ read the comics or is this like independent of its source material?

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