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Vaishyas from the thighs, and Shudras from the foot, to serve the varnas above them. (Dalits are out of the system completely). Such ideas are rampant in the Brahmanical (or Hindu) literature such as -Dharmasutras, Manusmritis etc. This is how the caste system and by association, marginalization of some castes, is central to the religion of Brahmanism (a.k.a Hinduism). 10/n

So when Bahujans critique the Hindu religion and it's proponents, that sanctions such a social order, it cannot be deemed hindu-phobic, religious-hatred, Hurting religious sentiments, because their religious sentiments is rooted in our oppression, dehumanization, marginalization. The religion sanctions the disgust UC's feel for dalits whom they treat as untouchable in various ways even today.
For eg. The idea that Brahmins were birthed from God's head, Kshatriyas from the shoulder,. .. 9/n

The above point , also brings into the question the religious angle, particularly, Hinduism, which sanctions this oppressive & dehumanizing social order. (Not that other religions Indian Islam/ Indian Christianity, Sikhism dont have caste system, but it is not religiously sanctioned, but socially learnt. Picked up from the dominant religion of the region)... 8/n

Also when Bahujans call out brahminism or brahmins, it is not offensive because, they are only challenging the school of thought/system and the people that uphold such a system, that has deprivation them of their dignity, that oppresses and marginalizes them and even puts their lives in danger on an everyday basis. 7/n

4) Signalling Caste pride- Now you may wonder why such content may be offensive. Some Savarnas even argue, "what is wrong with us being assertive about our community our pride, even Dalits do the same".

Sorry but it's not that same thing. The difference is that between white supremist and black people asserting & finding the pride and confidence they have been deprived of. 6/n

challenging the people and the school of thought, that is oppressive, dehumanizing, and suffocating them and their existence.

"You care born into higher or lower castes, based on the Karma from your previous birth", comments based on notions of purity and pollution - eg. "Brahmins are pure that's why they are more important in society, Dalits being the most impure are best suited for certain kinds of work" 5/n

3) Content Justifying the caste system: There are some UCs, who use social Darwinism/ genetics/ social order maintanance to justify the caste system.
Eg. If this is, "Brahmin Women are the prettiest", "Tamil Brahmins are the smartest", " Dalits or certain castes are genetically inferior, thats why the clean toilets". "Caste-system is NECESSARY to maintain, social balance & order"
"Kshatriya's or some castes are powerful and we have the warrior blood and that's why we are on the top" .... 4/n

2) Use of Caste Slurs - There are certain caste names used as insults to say someone is dirty, unkempt, badly dressed. Or simply to humiliate. Some of them are chamar, Madiga, Hole- Madiga, bhangi, pareiyan, Pakki, etc here's a video talking about this:

♦️ These are not only humiliating to the people who belong to such castes, but also, turning their identities into a cruel and insulting adjectives.


1) Anti-Affirmative action/ reservation posts-
Some people in academia try to point out the loopholes in the reservation policies from a policy/economic point of view. That's not casteist per se. Bahujans intellectuals counter these arguments very well
♦️ But when Savarnas use these arguments to insult, mock, humiliate bahujan to indicate they are incompetent, stupid, worthless, "thieves" who stole their place because of reservation. Or anything of that nature. It amounts to bullying... 2/n

How to identify & moderate caste-based cyberbullying content?
The type of posts that are offensive, insulting and humiliating to the bahujan Community comprising of identities of Dalits (Former "untouchables), Bahujans( backward castes that were ertswhole known as Shudras) and Adivasi (Tribal populations).
By Upper castes (UC) (A.ka. Savarnas) I mean the people belonging to the Brahmin, Kshatriya and Vaishyia (in that order) Varnas)
(These definitions are for non-Indians to understand.)

A while ago I said I would try and make a list of the kinds of content that could amount to casteist cyber bullying.
I forgot about it, simply because I didn't see any content of that nature here. But I just saw the same happen on twitter. So I'm going to help moderate this space. What I may put down may not be comprehensive, but I'll try to be as comprehensive as possible. I'll toot it first so that I have other bahujan people who could add to this. And then make a file. So let's go.

I see that most of the content in my Mastadon circle is politicial, however, it doesn't trigger me like the politicial discourse on twitter does. Not because it's mostly the kinda politics I agree with, cause some takes here I don't fully agree with, but I think it's more about how things are said and how people engage with each other. Nice.

I deactivate twitter when I'm sad and reactivate it when I'm happy (usually the next morning), only to see my feed and become sad again
How to get out of this circle?

I just realised they have added a bookmark option ❤️

On twitter people go at each other with no such information, which has the potential to make people very rigid, self-righteous, and even fanatic with their perspectives and may completely cut down people. Of course there is that danger on Mastadon also, but, atleast some measures are taken via algorithms and design to prevent that.

If its a friend for eg. I have the neccesary contexts, to understand why they may empathize with something, even though I don't understand it, and may strongly disagree with it. If I don't get the context, there is some additional information from non-verbal cues, or I ask.

Been on twitter for only a about a year and I already see a change in my temperament. I'm furious at the smallest things that may be out of place or poorly worded now. I never had these issues off twitter, because there is always a context behind every word that I can see or understand.

The worst is when people take this behaviour off-twitter. I wonder if others are able to leave twitter in twitter. But I am not. I realised at some point j started talking AT people than TO them. I a previous toots I've kinda boasted about myself something I had confidence in- My ability to convince people polar opposite of me to see my pov. I've been feeling like I'm losing that ability because my mind works like the world is twitter.

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