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I'm tickled that other folks seem to enjoy what I put on here sometimes.

You folks realize I'm just doing this to amuse myself, right?

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autogynopyrophilia: i enjoy being a hot chick
punk trans catgirl who was trapped, given GRS, and returned to her punk house as part of a feral management program

wears her ear notch with pride but don't get her started about Animal Control

once ate an entire pigeon on stage during a break in her set because someone left a window open and hey, free pigeon

there's no way to prove that someone in a full-body latex suit *isn't* made of slime

I occasionally consider switching instances or spinning up my own, primarily for the custom emoji.

LIKE if you think I'm VALID
RETOOT if you think I'm a CUTIE whom you want to hug

True love is being able to send your partner a torrent of minions memes for 37 minutes straight and knowing they still won’t leave you.

Every once in a while I'm reminded that once upon a time, some people tried to make the worst, most unlistenable song ever, and that it's just out there if you want to listen to it.

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