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I'm tickled that other folks seem to enjoy what I put on here sometimes.

You folks realize I'm just doing this to amuse myself, right?

That one Backstreet Boy: β€œAm I sexual?”
All of his friends, not paying attention: β€œYeah.”

selfie, eye contact, boots give me homeopathic self-esteem 

If you liked Disney's Robin Hood, you're a furry now. I'm sorry, I don't make the rules.

medical, mild gross 

uspol-adjacent, cishet fuckery 

Just watched someone at the bar write a Herman Melville length text in T9 with long nails and, not gonna lie, turned on.

Just saw a het couple aggressively making out at the train station. Shoulda demanded $20 on the spot.

One of them better be bi or trans or SOMETHING.

psa: queer/trans people of color in oakland looking for a room, my sister has two open in her qtpoc house. hit me up.


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