So I was wondering. Would anyone be out in this heavy rain trimming their bushes and trees of the yard?

Another young lady from Japan endowed with an incredible talent! Do you believe she drew this (and many others) only with color pencils?
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Or on Bibliogram:

It happened again! I really should stop watching American TV shows while eating. 

People throw up all too often, and that very realistically!

is a website that takes data from 's public profile views and puts it into a friendlier page that loads faster, gives images, eliminates ads, generates RSS feeds, and doesn't urge you to sign up.

Amazing! These don't look like you could (though *wouldn't*) erase them with ... umm ... an eraser, do they?
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西方 由美 (@tarakuro510): 鉛筆で猫を描いています。 猫好きさんにはぜひ見ていただきたいな🐾 新たな繋がりがありますように。。。 | nitter

Went to the spa for the first time in a long three months. They took my temperature at the reception when I checked in. [Check! ☑] It was normal at 36.7°C :) ✌

Keith Moon, Drummer of The Who, Passes Out at 1973 Concert; 19-Year-Old Fan Takes Over

The show must go on...

Help teach machines how real people speak, your at

This may be easier than a facemask to make. You need to be wearing 👓 or maybe 🕶, along with the shield.

Either I'm wrong or I seem to see a lot of -looking women in my neighborhood of late. Seriously, there were some young women I met when I was little who came up to me and, removing their facemasks, asked if I found them pretty. Grown up, I'm less likely to be as scared now, though.

So, it was yesterday... Alan Merrill with the Arrows (and Hiroshi "Monsieur" Kamayatsu toward the end):

Arrows, I Love Rock N Roll, Alan Merrill -

/#DayOfResurrection/#FukkatsuNoHi (Kinji , 1980) on some movie sites (IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, TMDb, etc.) say Japanese is the original language of the film, but it's mostly in English.

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Watching this 1980 Japanese film "" (Japanese title: 『』Fukkatsu no Hi.), based on Sakyo Komatsu's 1964 novel of the same name.

First came upon this phrase 進取の気性に富んだ (shinshu no kishō ni tonda) some decades back when I looked up words like "enterprising" and "go-ahead", and it was only today that I learned 気性 (kishō) here may also be written 気象 (pronounced the same way), which latter most often refers to the meteorological or weather, and that it has "/disposition" as one of its subsenses.

On en apprend tous les jours. 😁

Today's date may be 02-02-2020 or 2020-02-02, or even:


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