Ugh, can you please not watch videos with sound on at an eating establishment?


@FiXato There are many downsides to being hearing impaired, but one of the upsides is my phone provides sound directly to my hearing aids via bluetooth. I can watch all the trailers in public without disturbing anyone! <3

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@Leadegroot that sounds pretty handy indeed. :)
I hope your hearing aids are easily rechargeable and have a decent battery life? Bluetooth-enabled ones sound like quite a bit more of a power drain than the 'traditional' ones?

@FiXato I have had these for about 6 months now. Very shiny (the old ones didnt have bluetooth). They are rechargeable, so I no longer have to manage battery recycling on a weekly basis, and they drop into the dock simply and charge overnight, sweet :) They clearly last a lot longer than a normal day though, because I've never had the charge-me beep

@FiXato (I'm only "I cant quite make out what you are saying if you are a bit of a mumbler" deaf)

@Leadegroot very convenient! Glad they last longer than a day, because that sounds like an awkward thing to have to charge in the middle of the day.
Not nearly the same thing, but I recently upgraded one of my LED armbands for a USB-rechargeable one, and I look forward to never having to bulk order those CR2032 batteries anymore just to be visible in our long winter seasons.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. I love reading about these kinds of tech developments that bring along quality of life improvements.

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