A hot and windy August afternoon has the trees in constant motion.
The Holy Triumvirate performing to the faithful in a Temple of the Rock Gods.

Rush put this out today, a new animated video for 'The Spirit of Radio' (40 years old now, gulp!) - some nice touches in it (liking the Red Barchetta!) and a fine tribute to Neil Peart: youtube.com/watch?v=g_QtO0Rhp0

I keep seeing posts about Mastodon's creator and all I can think about is the bumbling wizard who obsessed about catching Smurfs.

**Five Kill The Bill protesters were just sentenced to over 14 years in jail. They need our support.**

"On Friday 30 July, five Kill the Bill protesters were collectively sentenced to over 14 years in jail. Four people pleaded guilty to riot … "


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**The DWP just snuck out another Universal Credit cut**

"The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is cutting payments for some Universal Credit claimants. It’s starting from Sunday 1 August. But the DWP … "


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I love casual games where you create a world, building tools to make more complex tools, forage and farm resources.
I keep being disappointed though as they quickly reach the point that doing anything costs so much of the game energy that you can only progress with a grind of logging in 6 times a day to click a few times, or go down the pay to play route of buying energy and goods which is completely against my style. I don't mind watching the occasional video for a boost, but this isn't fun.

Hmmm... perhaps a setting when making a post that replaces "likes" with "acknowledgements" on that post? Functionally identical, but the tonal difference would be pretty useful

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I'm 100% in favour of replacing plastic packaging with biodegradable or cardboard packaging, but in the past couple of weeks I've bought a box of soft drinks cans & a four-pack of cider with a cardboard collar. Both times the packaging collapsed, spilling the contents.
If only companies gave a shit about product testing before shipping a greenwashed product - the end result is you piss people off & encourage them to go back to stronger, less eco-friendly packing. Or perhaps THAT is the intent.

Guiyas a'Duin was always next
With fist and knife and vicious kicks
He liked to brawl but dirty fought
Leathers stained with blood and gore
Of vanquished foes he bit and tore
With spiked headband he'd butt a troll
And stomp on kneecaps shouting crawl

The leader of the Se'n was Tarn
A grizzled captain, battle worn
An illegitimate blade he bore
Forever red from endless war
He looted cities coast to coast
Then from the smoke strode like a ghost
To pillage and burn was his ale toast.

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The Se'nfold Saga

Come gather, all ye gentle folk,
Your ears to me do lend
I have a tale that's bold - nay grand
Of a daring, ruthless, warrior band
The greatest heroes e'r to stand
Quake to see them raise a hand
And wetly flee to safer lands.

Van Schroeder was a mighty lad,
Six four he stood, well tanned.
Clad only in a fur loincloth
That showed he was a man.
His maul he'd swing legs akimbo
And strike down many lesser foe
Like kindling split from head to toe.

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Beginnings of a parody adventure saga running through my head. I wanted to get something down before I get distracted and lose the whole song. Apologies, it isn't done.

Taiwan's NPIs have been so successful that they are down to just 11 newly reported cases after being at 500+ a day 2 months ago. Nations can chose to control Covid. They chose not to, to the detriment of the "liberty" of their populations and their economies. Taiwan's had one of the strongest economies in the world throughout the pandemic.

Reminder that nothing is "just the way it is". It's the way we make it.

Having a whole process to determine whether or not somebody is allowed to exist in a different country isn't "just the way it is". Humans did that, and we can undo it.

People starving despite there being enough food isn't "just the way it is". Humans did that, and we can change it.

Your quality of life being determined by how much money you inherited isn't "just the way it is". Humans did that, and we can get rid of it.

Feeling all-over tension, joint and muscle pain today. I just want to collapse on the floor, or take off this human skin mask to reveal whatever gibbering tentacled horror lurks inside and lope off into the wilderness.

I loved this poll about patriot vs progressive. Somebody actually considered the implication that being Scottish gives you a very different viewpoint on patriotism from the UK (English) perspective.
Translation - Scottish people in general are passionate patriots of Scotland but views on the UK are less positive and split along religious/unionist lines. We are also more progressive in outlook than our southern neighbours.

Open Democracy poll looks pretty conclusive about whether people believe the UK government are serious about .

Humans are basically an infection that is making the planet sick. They create lesions in the skin, wipe out organisms living on it, produce poisonous wastes, damage organs necessary for homeostasis, and are now causing a massive temperature rise which will have the effect of killing off the infection, though it will also do extensive damage to the entire organism in the process that will take a long time to recover from.

Study Measuring Earth's Vital Signs Warns of Climate Tipping Points

The authors say tropical coral reefs, the Amazon rainforest, and the West Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets may have passed dangerous tipping points


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