moving to because it seems neat. This will stay around as a fall back.

Beto doing the stanky leg on a deli counter as he explains that $5000 for medical care is actually affordable to most americans

the fediverse is a large series of pipes with good rats living in them

the rats take your messages and send them to other parts of the fediverse for you so make sure you give them cheese and little pats whenever you see them!

Gonna go bang some pots and pans at the moon real quick. It's called magic sweaty, brb

old people be like “kids these days living in a culture bubble created by technology. whatever happened to living in the bubble created by broadcasting corporations and hollywood?”

When you borrow someone else’s sub you’re being fronted a bottom.

but not the moon, the moon is chill. don't talk shit about the moon

the punchline 'and then we'll kill god' will always be funny to me

MR PEANUTBUTTER: Marxism AND Leninism? what is this, a crossover episode?

Broke: Parks and Recreation is a comedy because it's funny
Woke: Parks and Recreation is a tragedy because of Leslie Knope's sisyphean struggles to make change within a community mired by apathy
Bespoke: Parks and Recreation is a comedy because it demonstrates the absurdity of neoliberalism and the comic frustrations of its proponents when their ideology inevitably fails to connect with the working class

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