I made this account few days ago, but might be reasonable to write a short #introduction now.

From my profile, it seems like a good start:

"Various kinds of nerd, spooky SJW, code witch, and Sauron apologist.

I'll probably rant about the intersection of free software, feminism, and solarpunk."

I have enjoyed solarpunk since finding it, at least as an aesthetic and genre, but have also wanted find some community of like-minded people. This might be a good place!

@nindwen might wanna give The Culture Series a try. Not too nature focused but the civilization described in the book is basically an annarcho communist utopia in space

@LeftPlatinum I've been meaning to read those! Even though in my mind solarpunk is more about what's attainable with our current technology. The "ancom in space" -angle is still something I'm interested in!

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