What is your preferred option to donate to an open source project?

Call me old fashioned - but I still use regular bank transfers :mastoface_with_rolling_eyes:
Cheap. Easy. Only very few strings attached...

@LemmyDev for privacy reasons, I've stopped using Liberapay (only supports PayPal & Stripe). Patreon … well, you asked Open Source, right? Open Collective sounds promising, but it's still hard to withdraw w/o PayPal/Stripe & Co. So: SEPA. Maybe Bitcoin… if I'd receive some in my donation inbox :wink:

@LemmyDev For me it's anything that doesn't require a Credit Card or PayPal.

At this time preferred would be crypto-currency, specifically Monero or Bitcoin :)

@LemmyDev I prefer bank transfer as up to today that is the only option I have. One exception if I could meet the person, I will donate in cash.

@LemmyDev whatever gets money to devs. Patreon, PayPal, SEPA

@LemmyDev standard bank transfer (as many here said: SEPA). Also using liberapay, but only if there's no more direct option. Also using patreon, but only as a last resort. (plus helping on bug tracker)

@LemmyDev Primarily SEPA (fast, low overhead), sometimes by card. Never Pay“Pal”.

@thamesynne @LemmyDev I take it from your posts that you're not a right-wing scumbag, so how can you be okay with #Paypal? Have a look at Paypal's wrong doing & let us know if you change your answer:

@LemmyDev Bank transfer/SEPA. If this isn't available, I sometimes use Paypal as a fallback, but I don't like it. If both options are not available, I don't donate.

I can't decide between patreon and opencollective because in each I miss a thing :
• In patreon I miss the transparency (expenses / budget) from opencollective.
• In opencollective I miss the "story component" where receivers update you.

@LemmyDev sometimes I use Paypal but most of the time I use direct money transfer from my bank account.

@LemmyDev Direct payment.
But I did not research about #liberapay yet.

But my most preferred payment method is to put some money directly into the hands of my holy podcasters.

@ajuvo received some bucks at the #gpn19 and #dieStimmederJugend got some at the #36c3.
I need to check if he shared with the others or just drunk it away at the #Spaeti.

@LemmyDev [x] SEPA bank transfer.

Usually one has to ask for bank details because Paypal is offered by default...


In order of preference:

* Cold hard cash
* #SEPA (single euro payments area, for the unaware. It doesn't just cover the #eurozone or the #EU)
* #Sexual favours
* A quick word of encouragement


Bitcoin, because it's free software.

I'm trying to use fiat money less because it always require running proprietary software.

@LemmyDev anything that works with credit card becausa it's almost always for me an international transaction

We make some event and give to the software or group that we more use.

The problem with sending money is that most ways deanonymize at least one of the parties involved.

Order of preference:
- Handing over cash in-person (rarely available)
- Mailing a banknote in an envelope (doxxes the receiver, risk of theft)
- SEPA (deanonymizes both parties)

Will not use:
- Liberapay (ever since Mangopay broke up with them, only offers Stripe and PayPal)
- Stripe (probably evil, needs research)
- PayPal (definitely evil)
- Cryptocurrencies (don't want to contribute to the useless wasting of energy)
- Patreon (takes a chunk out of the money for the amazing service of taking the money and passing it on)

Bank transfer. Got me a multi-currency account (for other reasons), and now I can convert and transfer money very cheaply.

Patreon seems to work well, especially for low recurring payments to lots of small creators.

...and I'm still not caughtnup with liberapay. Should prolly do that one of these days...

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