Inaugural Post for Lemmy, a decentralized, easily self-hostable / link aggregator alternative, intended to work in the :

@LemmyDev I have a few questions if you don't mind.

1) Can my communities be CSS-modded? I want to migrate from reddit and start posting.

2) How do posts moderation work? I want to make sure that I can delete hateful posts / comments in my community. Will lemmy allow me to do that?

3) How exactly does lemmy work with ActivityPub? Which actor posts in a community? How are upvotes / downvotes handle, if they are handled at all?

4) How will I be able to follow a community from outside lemmy and not get spammed to death in my timeline?

5) Are Lemmy communities site-exclusive (meaning I need an account for each site), or truly federated (i.e. can someone from another server participate, and how?)

6) Is there a technical manual to explain how Lemmy works?

7) I'm a programmer. How can I help?


1) We don't allow injecting CSS, but we do have lots of themes, but they are user-centric. Anyone can contribute themes tho, any bootstrap v4 theme works, and theres a theming guide in the docs.

2) Modding works the same as reddit pretty much, you can delete posts, and appoint other mods, etc.

3) You sub to federated communities, its described on the readme.


4) Currently lemmy is focused on federating with itself, since no other activitypub implementation allows for following groups like lemmy. Eventually we will support user following.

5) You subscribe to federated communities, and they show up on the feed of the instance you're on. You don't need to make new accounts.

6) There's docs.

7) You can go to the github repo and see which issues you could help with.

@LemmyDev Okay, I'll see what I can do when I get some free time (things are hectic at the job right now).

BTW, I'm really hoping for the theme engine to take off, theming was a huge part of reddit and I had my subs all customized. It wouldn't feel the same without that.

Good luck! :blobthumbsup:

I haven't heard of any other federated reddit replacements. So I'm super excited for Lemmy. Thank you.
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