Lemmy federation is almost ready, needs testing

@LemmyDev Can you please check your reverse proxy configuration? Looks like remote IPs are not forwarded properly:

Too many requests. type: Message, IP:, 180 per 60 seconds

@LemmyDev I just clicked the link you posted and it just showed this error. After a few reloads it worked. If you spam reload on the link you should be able to reproduce it.

@perflyst thanks! the nginx config looks fine, but i increased the rate limit as a workaround for now.


I just got the pun with the federation and Star trek instance names!

@LemmyDev Really nice! Just tried it! When do you think it will get implemented on the main instance?

@Snowcode it depends how the testing goes, but it could be as soon as next week. however, we will only federate with a limited number of manually approved instances in the beginning.

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