Lemmy is a free open source federated alternative to Reddit. You can follow their official account at:

➡️ @LemmyDev

You can try the flagship instance at lemmy.ml

They have now introduced federation between Lemmy instances, so people on one Lemmy instance can interact with people on others. (They are working on federating with the rest of the Fediverse later.)

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@FediFollows @LemmyDev what does federating with the rest of the fediverse look like? It will be able to see posts from mastodon? I dont get how this would work in the ui

@nx for now federation only works between lemmy instances. federating with other software is more complicated and will come later.


@LemmyDev What will that look like though? I'm confused about what benefits that would entail. Being able to login with mastodon accounts? or being able to view mastodon posts\threads in lemmy?


@nx The 2nd one. You could follow not only federated communities from the instance you're signed up on, but federated users.

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