Lemmy is a free open source federated alternative to Reddit. You can follow their official account at:

➡️ @LemmyDev

You can try the flagship instance at lemmy.ml

They have now introduced federation between Lemmy instances, so people on one Lemmy instance can interact with people on others. (They are working on federating with the rest of the Fediverse later.)

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@FediFollows @LemmyDev Would really like to see the near insistence on Docker go away so an admin could, you know, just install the components from source via step by step instructions.

@geewillickers thats just not practical for us as official installation method, because lemmy consists of 5 different services (db, backend, frontend, image hosting, link previews). but it could be an option for some people. we have an open issue regarding docs for manual installation, so you are welcome to write the documentation.


@LemmyDev @FediFollows

I don't get it - why is it not practical? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like everyone involved in making the docker image are kind of refusing (maybe not the best wording of it) to document how the docker image is built, and how the components interact with each other (the basics on getting services to work together), but you're obviously working with the knowledge of what one needs to run them outside of a docker image. So why not provide those details, even in a mostly generic fashion? "Install X, Y, Z, G, and L, grab the configs from our git repository in folder X and massage to your needs"?

@geewillickers to add, the documentation for installing lemmy is precisely inside the dockerfile, written in bash. the relation between services is described in the docker-compose.yml. it shouldnt be very hard to translate it into a guide (but we have too many things to do already).


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@LemmyDev @FediFollows The idea of that could be kind of fun, I may have to check that out in further detail than I've looked at previously.
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