@LemmyDev most of that “slur filter” seems fair to me tbh but “bitch” and “cocksucker” really? I understand blocking the N word for example but since when were those “slurs”?

Also sounds like the admins have very similar political views if you’re a group of anti-capitalists and communists lol. But if you don’t let your views cloud your decision making it’s not an issue.

And obviously it’s federated, so individual instances can do whatever.

@LemmyDev I feel like you guys are confounding the behaviour you expect of project contributors with the behaviour of people that participate on instances of Lemmy. That, I feel, is an overreach that goes against the spirit of open-source.

@mariusor we have never claimed to follow some vague "spirit of open source". tbh i have never heard of this spirit before.



I was referring to the freedom 0 of the free software essential freedoms (I guess I misspoke about being against "open source" as free software is not the same from a philosophical point of view).

Also I would agree that it's debatable if preventing users to say hateful things goes against it, but principially, I feel like any obstacle you put in front of people that prevents them from using your software takes you further away from "free software".


@mariusor Lemmy is licensed under AGPL, which fullfils all these freedoms as far as I know. It also specifies that the software is provided as-is, meaning that we arent obligated to add or remove any features based on the demands of users.


@LemmyDev Is sincere discussion of the Catholic faith in matters that often conflict with socialists, liberals, and seculars allowed? Homosexual acts being sinful. Transgender transitioning being mutilation. Gay marriage being a myth and an abuse of language. Does the server allow this type of religious freedom?

@52fighters I think you already realised that those statements violate the rules and code of conduct.


@felix @LemmyDev You've got a catch 22 because excluding Catholics for expressing their sincerely held religious beliefs is also a violation. #Lemmy

@52fighters Religion has nothing to do with it. There are many Catholics who are not bigots, and they are welcome to use Lemmy.


@felix @LemmyDev So quoting any of the saints or catechism on any of these contentious issues is okay?

@52fighters i dont know what that is and i dont care. if you want to know what is allowed and what isnt, read our code of conduct.


@felix @LemmyDev I'm just trying to figure if you just allow bad Catholics or also faithful Catholics. Sorry to be a bother!

@52fighters like I said, your religion doesn't matter. Just follow the rules.


@felix @LemmyDev And the site will not discriminate against me for my religion, if it stays true to its c.o.c.

@52fighters correct, we dont allow discrimination based on religion (but people might disagree with you)


@52fighters @felix @LemmyDev if it's a choice between excluding people based on political/religious values and excluding people based on things they can't change, then the former sounds much more reasonable to me

being tolerant doesn't mean needing to tolerate intolerance

@tromino i would formulate it differently. we exclude people based on certain actions (eg racism or toxicity), not based on what they think. even if a racist would sign up for lemmy, we wouldnt have any reason to ban as long as they dont violate any rules. like they could just talk about cooking, or video games.

@52fighters @LemmyDev

@52 Fighters You confuse religious freedom with bigotry. Religious freedom means that you are free to marry according to your religion, but not that you have any right to harass people who chose differently. The same with the rest of your examples.

@LemmyDev The code of conduct has an inherent catch 22: By prohibiting the expression of sincerely held religious beliefs, the code itself is violated. Ultimately the site has to decide if it is a place for free speech or curated speech. Has that decision been made? #Catholic #Lemmy


Your freedom stops where the other's freedom begin. Freedom of speech doesn't allow the verbal violence, wich are exactly the statements you said above.

@LemmyDev @deutrino is the filter list easily modifiable by instance admins? imo it would make more sense to just block out racist/lgbt-phobic slurs and other words with no legitimate uses rather than also blocking general curse words (at least in the software itself)

Isn't instance-blocking alone sufficient for being able to manage the environment? I feel like the slur filter is a bit excessive, especially considering the network effect. With instance-blocking we can make use of reactionaries' numbers without having to interact with them.

@LemmyDev Really? Is that why you have shunned people who have expressed anti-communist views from your team in the past? I had followed your development a while ago, before Nutomic was prominent, there were a few other contributors who had been basically shut out for not being communists. “We have a diverse set of ideologies, we have this kind of communist, that kind of communist, and this other kind of communist.” Lemmy develompent is mostly an ideological monoculture, and that is fine I suppose, but it will hurt it’s growth in usage over time.

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