Any plans for a version that can function without ecmascript? Want to use with lynx...

Latest version does not seem to allow sign-in (unable to sign-in via chromium, firefox) and sign-up also seems unstable.

@citc really neat ! Intuitive, well désignes, i'm impressed, let's one discover, share out of the box without an account.. !

@LemmyDev can you help me please? I lost my password and I tried to reset it, but no email came. I have proof that the account belongs to me, if that is important. Thanks

@Palanix It looks like our domain got listed at spamhaus again, ugh. I'll try to do the process of removing it. Until then I'd make a new acct.

@LemmyDev I am sorry... The link was sent but gmail didn't sync my spam folder over IMAP. I couldn't find it inside of neomutt. So sorry

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