Lemmy documentation now has instructions for installing from scratch (without Docker)

@LemmyDev I'll have to try on my Rock64! Although I'm not sure it'll work on aarch64.

@Jojonintendo I'm pretty sure that it will work, but afaik no one tried before. Let us know how it goes!

@LemmyDev It works indeed ! Now I just need a domain name, and the rock64 will start working for lemmy :D


wow wow we really must be sysadmin. It is not installed in one line code.

@kris Thats why we recommend Ansible. Only requires cloning the repo, editing a config file and running a single command.

@kris There might also be ways to simplify the manual installation. Like if you dont care about image uploads or link previews, you could skip pictrs/iframely.

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