Lemmy Release v0.2.0 - Image Uploads, Stickied Posts, Online Users count, View Source button.


@nifker @switchingsocial@mastodon.at @prismo Lemmy requires JS.

@succfemboi @m4iler@infosec.exchange @switchingsocial@mastodon.at @prismo Lemmy uses markdown

Lemmy Release v0.1.0 - Lemmy Release v0.1.0 - Emojis, Usable Search urls, mod actions on post creators, UI Tweaks.


Lemmy Release v0.0.9 - user / community autocomplete with @ and #, emojis, transferring communities.


Lemmy Release v0.0.8 - Cross-posting support, transferring communites, more languages added.


@bram Ohhh I see, they removed the www, thx for catching this.

@alkalime I'd already gotten two requests to do the opposite of these recommends lol.

Made some UI updates to Lemmy, as well as added Russian and German: dev.lemmy.ml/

BTW I could use some pointers from anyone who might have any suggestions.

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Sankara il avait tellement de swag que sa voiture de fonction, c'était une renault familiale.

@jochen I stopped using docker:latest cause its a really bad practice.

The instructions are updated on the README: github.com/dessalines/lemmy#in

@DigitalKiller Ah. Okay this helps me test. I need to default to english locale for the time library (moment) when one doesn't exist.

But also we could totally use a russian translation: here's the translation file: github.com/dessalines/lemmy/bl

@DigitalKiller Hrm... what browser? And also if you know how to access the browser tools could you output the results of this command: `(navigator.language || navigator.userLanguage)`

Lemmy v0.0.7 release : NSFW support, i18n internationalization, community/user/similar posts search.


Just added i18n / internationalization support to lemmy. Thanks to those who added the french and chinese translations already!

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