I queried a list of local accounts that posted through a popular cross-poster tool within the last 7 days and who didn't post from the web UI in the same time frame, and sent them a warning/request to re-consider cross-poster usage. You know how I feel about ghost accounts and their spam in the local timeline.

In hindsight I should have checked for more apps than the web UI, because I got some false-positives--if you got an e-mail, keep that in mind.

Some people on Twitter didn't take the e-mail well. I tried to be polite and informative in the message, but I think the "warning" template kind of counter-acted that. Still, if they are complaining on Twitter, that kind of goes to prove my point... I'm trying to keep the local timeline of the community I'm responsible for clean.

@Gargron Sending your users a notice that their content is "garbled text" and "irrelevant" isn't really polite IMHO. But I can see your point and turned it off, probably making me a proper inactive user in the future.

For me, the local timeline never was useful, due to it featuring lots of languages and interests I simply don't have. So I suppose mastodon.social is the wrong instance for me to begin with.

@LeoWattenebrg You can set the interface to only show posts in languages you speak.

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