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*the alarm goes off at 6 am exactly how i want. Completly confused i keep the mobile on my hand snd start swearing*
*puts mobile phone on ear and starts to tell what they would think to call me at this hour*
*Realized it was my alarm*

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Notification: Your backups are either safe or unsafe.

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[24.5.96] "Verfassungsschutz-Panne": Gesuchter Neonazi kann zwei Morde begehen, obwohl er vom VS observiert wurde.

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In Berlin-Schöneberg gibt es viele solcher Tafeln.

Daran sollte man ständig erinnert werden, was Menschen Menschen antun können, weltweit.

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Twitter is an opinion extractor. Don’t let it take them from you. They’re your opinions and Jack deserves none of them.

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Elon Musk doesnt understand crediting artists because like any billionaire he has never created something on his own and doesn't understand that other people's labour does not belong to him.

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@LeoWattenberg@twitter.com I'd adjust #1 to triple the rate: Willful infringement under copyright law gets you triple statutory damages, so tripling the standard rate in cases like this seems totally appropriate.

Also: Fuck Melon Tusk.

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I propose a 4-step plan for fuckers like this one:
1. send them an invoice for a worldwide, non-exclusive license at standard industry rates
2. sue them for copyright infringement if they don't pay
3. ???
4. organize a heist to steal some of their rockets/luxury cars/...

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@TodoNintendoS@twitter.com No

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Wenn ihr Jahreszeiten im Kreis anordnen müsstet, ist bei euch Winter oder Sommer oben im Kreis? Und laufen die Jahreszeiten im Uhrzeigersinn oder gegen den UZS?

Gerne RT, das ist eine wichtige Studie für die Gesellschaft. Also, zumindest klärt es, wer in der Familie recht hat.

when I first started learning a couple years ago, I was seriously puzzled how people got their stuff looking so smooth when I was struggling to get anywhere near that even with the subsurf modified turned to 6.

now I know: Shading matters.

Upload takes 30s+. "Maybe it's their Antivirus, let's download the EICAR-testfile", but testing that is surprisingly difficult:
1. You can't download it, it gets blocked: virus.
2. You can copypaste it into an editor, but have to be quick. Else: Quarantine, virus.

Während @THochscherf@twitter.com sich auf vergnügt, haben seine Studenten das zweite Jahr in Folge erfolgreich Moodle mit Abgaben tot-ge-DDoS-t.

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VLC 3.0.7 is out: minor release focused on security issues and minor annoyances/bugs.

This fixes more than 30 security issues, 2 being important, discovered thanks to the EU-FOSSA program done by @EU_Commission@twitter.com


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Situation: I have a model, but it came without textures.

Solution: Just use colored lights and make it a tad volumetric to make it look somewhat cool anyways.

Sitze in 'nem Seminar und eine Steckdose ist in Blicklinie zum Beamer. Also hab ich sie modelliert.

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Ich meine, okay, ich interessiere mich für das japanische Sytem.
Aber das ist doch recht eintönig dargestellt.

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Es ist ein spannendes Politik- & Demokratieverständnis, welches der Rat an den Tag legt.
Während sich das neue EP noch konstituiert sollen Regeln zur beschlossen werden.
Anlasslose Massenüberwachung ist gefährlich & nutzlos.

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Homöopathie wirkt nicht über den Placebo-Effekt hinaus. ¹⁻¹³

¹ Kleijnen, 1991
² Linde, 1997
³ Linde, 1998
⁴ Cucherat, 2000
⁵ Shang, 2005
⁶ Mathie, 2014
⁷ NHMRC, 2015
⁸ FTC, 2016
⁹ Mathie, 2017
¹⁰ NHS, 2017
¹¹ EASAC, 2017
¹² Mathie, 2018
¹³ Antonelli, 2018

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