I'm trying to move to antabaka but I have no idea what I'm doing... sendhelp

Lewd posting 

Me? Horny? What a baseless accusation how dare you assume such a thing! Now shut up and fuck me hard~

Selfie, eye contact 

@immychan is a cutie ❤️

She gave me kisses and everything!

(๑•﹏•) I love her a lot ❤️

Jokey lewd selfies, ahegao face, face filters 


... I was bored okay shush

Selfie, eye contact, face filters 

You know what, I feel like a cute today! ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ

If you see this drink some water and look after yourself, self love and self care is super important! ❤️

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Reminder that if your definition of womanhood relates to anatomy exclusivley then you're a misogynist, there's so much more to womanhood than what's in her pants or what her DNA looks like.

Also trans women are women

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it's finally here, the post you've all been waiting for:

discord bad, let's put it in the trash, permanently :discordtrash:
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We have upgraded ÙwÚ

The pink hair isn't that long yet but soon maybe hopefully aaa ;w;

I just wanna vibe in knee highs and a pony tail is that such a big ask (๑•﹏•)

Also yeah my hair is pink, guess I have to update my picrew huh


My hair is now long enough to tie up now aaaaa :blobmiou:

Getting to live that life

Also the pictures are bad shhh I'm just excited ;w;

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Nsfw, fucking stupid joke based on the product description 

Hey @immychan wanna come inside my "jazz café" sometime~

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role reversal 

I want a girl to offer me flowers and call me cute and make me feel safe in her strong arms UwU

Nsfw, afab masturbation, toy link 

This is the best thing I've ever fucking bought why has it taken me until now to use it

o h g o d


... Anyway back to wholesome posting 🥺

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I made this as a meme for a friend but I ended up spending longer than I wish to admit on it so now you have to suffer too lol

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