posting some old #fireemblem art... this was way back from when fates came out.

Been watching cryaotic's Let's Go Pikachu streams lately and they have been nothing but delightful πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜” #pokemon

Sometimes you just want to make your mages learn axes and heavy armor

Going to avoid direct FE stuff for now till the game has been out for longer

I'm never gonna stop being amused when ppl are surprised Dan isn't wimpy >:]

First post here! Heard good things about Mastodon and wanted to give it a try, so hello to all you lovely people, here's me and some of my work. πŸ’ž ✨
#introductions #illustration #splash #smite #portrait #mermay

a commission i finished a bit ago for /romlette on tumblr ! their oc Vega, i, really really loved working with him q v q

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