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>goes to crack right wrist with left hand
>accidentally pops the last joint in left middle finger instead

This is what the main drag of my town looked like at around 10 this morning. I'd say that's, oh, about a quarter of a mile of visibility? Maybe more since I'm bad with distances, but not much more.

Now imagine the red-orange afternoon sun piercing through that haze, at an angle just acute enough to slip under the brim of your hat, and the occasional buzz of firefighting aircraft in the skies overhead. Now, you know conditions now.

Also: Still no evacuation order. w00t?

"so uh we've got coke, diet coke, sprite, root beer, water, vaporwave water-"

"vaporwave water?"

"it's like regular water but we throw a bust of helios at you when you drink it."


"the aesthetic."

also, for reference: this is the same model of recumbent bike as mine, and judging by the seat position relative to the cranks? the rider of this bike seems to be near my height of 6'1" (call it 185cm - close enough). huh. never noticed that before!

anyway. you can imagine it is not a nimble frame on the best of days.

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Guess who woke up to find out they've got a back cramp that twitches whenever they breathe too deeply?


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the world of fallout's pre-war America is a world of nationalism and capitalism gone rampant

and fallout 4's commonwealth minutemen are basically the closest thing to anarcho-socialists the wasteland has

I mean think about it isn't that a logical response to knowing the world LITERALLY EXPLODED and SHITLOADS OF PEOPLE DIED because of nationalism and capitalism?