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describe a movie in one meme

the elder scrolls lore, memetics

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i'm kinkshaming this fandom wiki ad

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Hey @Thaminga? I've had that musical fucking war crime you made on loop for days now.

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...spring has sprung with a particularly tumescent thud this year.

fortunately the weeds aren't trying to fuck yet, but Give Them Time.

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...Well then. I guess it's fuckin' wet out, huh?

an' like, if it ain't your thing? s'cool, curate your feed however y'want. follower count is just a number.

or at least I keep telling myself that when I watch more popular internet people who are AS OLD AS I AM OR YOUNGER MAKING BANK STREAMING VIDYA G-

even what the undesirable thing is can help, because That's Data!™️ and data can be used to formulate solutions or find other people's solutions more efficiently! it's how we learn new things about the world around us and how to interact more smoothly with other people!

basically this:

>when you wake up at 4:45 PM and only feel awake at 6 PM

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