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Again, I want to stress that my home and all the stuff in it is safe and the initial voluntary evacuation was due to air quality in combination with concerns over sudden shifts in the wind that might have stirred fires in the early days.

Whooo, the fires appear to be dying down and I'll be going back home in a couple days.

Stress is palpably falling off of me.

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Please do not eat the new Mastodon users without consent.

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The world can be unkind, oftentimes.

The way I see to stave off such woe is to redouble efforts of kindness- to eachother, and to ourselves.

That includes forgiving ourselves for the flaws and sleights we feel we carry.

Whatever shape that innermost self has
it will change
and it will grow

and you will have another chance
to improve.

So kind to yourself.
Say it, if you need to.

'It's okay to be me. I am enough.'

And whatever parts that aren't?
You have the power to improve them.

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Today, an exercise in self-love.

Imagine for a moment, the foundation of the space inside you. All of the inner worlds and stories you carry-- what are they built on?

If your were akin to a shrine,
what sits at its center room?

Breathe. Sit there, in your mind.
Is it what you truly want there?

Visualize what you'd want instead. What belief is your core.

If what sits there doesn't fit? It doesn't fit the Ideal Self?

Then breathe,
and take heart:

unlike a shrine
you are not set in stone.

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Casual reminder: Destroy capitalism before it destroys us.

Wow having a cheap phone really makes voice recognition difficult. I have to turn off auto rotate in order for this thing to process properly, otherwise it starts to have glitches. Like repeated words, repeated sentences, repeated phrases...

Also this toot was recorded with Google's voice to text and only lightly edited with the on-screen keyboard so guess who's just a gigantic nerd this morning.

@Eyeless don't forget the raisin 🅱️ran

why yes I do deal with my chronic pain by shitposting what gave it away

the 🅱️est part of 🅱️aking up

is 🅱️olgers in your 🅱️up

If you ever wanted to know why I'm into postfurry/cyberpunk stuff: my body is fucking defective that's why

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"A duo of French scientists said Wednesday they may have found a physiological, and seemingly treatable, cause for dyslexia hidden in tiny light-receptor cells in the human eye."