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I feel that if any feature wants adding to the Mastodon platform, it's better-defined security controls. Accounts gets allow/deny lists and which tier they belong to: friends, friends' friends, server, (current!) federation. Each post may invoke same (at account level or lower, and it would cost the length of the allow/deny list).

I don't care who's popular. I care who I can trust.

>old man sitting on porch smoking weed.jpg

i smell discourse

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PSA on the Equifax breach:

You can enter most anything into their "check if I've been breached" thing and it will say you've been breached.

The whole site they set up is just a scam to force people into signing up for their "identity protection service." You get a year free but you better believe they'll start charging you for it after that, and the opt-out process is never easy.

Don't buy into it. Just keep an eye on your credit report and credit/bank account statements.

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Have a quality video explaining the long-rumored Polybius arcade game.

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OMG I just realized something

Hugh Jackman is an alien infiltrator in a terrible disguise

I mean how else can you explain naming yourself "Jack Human" and then being all "oh shit that's too obvious I better spoonerize that"

oh for fuck's sake biology

"moving your leg to get comfortable" shouldn't lead to "why are the tendons attached to my kneecap on fire"

tonight is a Naproxen Night.

oh hey while I'm tooting: do not trust any organization or entity that claims to be the only source of The Truth.

(this toot brought to you by verrit: I think it's skeezy as hell and shouldn't be trusted further than you can huck a fully-loaded rackmount enclosure complete with in-rack UPSes.)

and yes that entire thing was basically just me writing shit down

yeah I'm like 20 years late for the start-a-blog fad. cut me some slack, I'm at the center of a pretty fucked up venn diagram.

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current mood: a single scrub jay in a tree half a block away yelling at the world

Guess it's time for again.

I'm Alexis. I'm also Californian, disabled (severe scoliosis, post-surgery), autistic, nonbinary, trans, never got past junior high (and frankly I'm okay with that), had my paternal asshole walk out on my mom when I was a kid, and spent years thinking 4chan and Something Awful were the best places ever until a bunch of postfurries showed me how to suck less at being a person.

That's just the cliff's notes, too. Interact at your own risk, I guess?