And anyway I thought about it a lot and it doesn't strike me as a bad thing. I've had a lot of toxic friendships and people in my life. Now I wait and see how people are before properly giving them a chance. It doesn't entirely weed out the occasional mistake but generally I end up with a handful of very good people around me

And lately I've realised that a lot of it has to do with how much I hold back for a long time. I can spend months trying to get a proper read on people, determining who is safe to open up to and who isn't. This is a whole process and I hold back a lot of genuine personality traits a *lot* until I've decided that someone is Safe To Be Real Around

Every time I start a new job or education or thing I think a lot about how I'm sort of a... slow burn friend? People tend to come around to me eventually but it definitely takes me a few months for new folks to get used to me

It's not a bad thing, I'm not sad to not immediately get close with new colleagues, I just wondered about it for a long time

I was informed by my line manager yesterday that I am doing a good job at my internship and yeah I don't *need* the validation but obviously it doesn't hurt, I'm very pleased I'm getting better at this craft

Freelance client: We've got this issue we need you to layout, and we need it ASAP
Me: Ok fine
Freelance client: Also we're all going on holiday now
Me: Wait

Trans people don't owe anyone before/after transitioning pictures but I love when they so choose to share. Their energy is just always so powerful

And I'm just like "hey hey an office job where I get to draw is lovely if I'm not being sexually harassed or forced to work unpaid overtime I'm honestly great"

Interning for Cartoon Network is wild because unlike a lot of people I enter the animation industry with incredibly low expectations but people keep assuming I'm currently having my dreams crushed by realising that CN is just an office job where I draw

My mum just sent me an e-mail with the subject line "talking seal" and described it as "talking seal of the day" what a gem

Moving back to the UK is a great reminder of how clunky all of the systems are over there, woof


I got an internship! And its with a Big Deal studio and I start the 19th holy heck

more internship whining sorry folks 

more internship whining sorry folks 

more internship whining sorry folks 

more internship whining sorry folks 

internship yelling 

internship yelling 

Ok I know my mastodon right now is all word vomiting over internship stuff but the company I'm talking to right now is a big deal but ALSO if I get it

I start on the 17th of June

holy hell

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