they're all non-native english speakers and I think the word 'lad' can seem so disconnected from every day english language that for them, it doesn't come with all the male coding that it does for me so I get it

it just doesn't work for me

what are some good nb identifiers. I have friends who insist "lad" is the new nonbinary descriptor but I've lived in Scotland too long, it feels way too male coded to be comfy

Now that I'm more openly exploring my nonbinary identity leanings I'm trying to move away from calling myself a "gal" or "girl" and looking for nonbinary terms but all I can think of right now to replace them is "gremlin" and "goblin" and while that's hilarious I'd like something a bit more positive

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We're currently on the bus and people are trying to decide what type of university teachers their characters would be... I love

I talk a big "love my NPC's" game but honestly if I can facilitate them loving each other then my job is 110% succesful

Honestly few things bring me more joy than watching my DnD party be so into the game and have so much love for each others' characters

Today's DnD game will feature me pulling out all my heavy emotional punches I hope they're ready for this

Lho "Boy i hope people will like my old married couple NPC's" Brockhoff

also they need to love my Powercouple this is the other only thing I want

All I want is to finally get to the place where I can reveal to my players that the name of our current campaign is "The Dragon Blight" cause how cool is that title, it's been 7 months and I'm dying

also his level 20 wizard "ruler of Driethnir, Ender of the Dragon wars" husband is wonderfully low charisma and I love them

so emotionally c o m p r o m i s e d by these NPCs

Oh no I just realised that my Ancient Golden Dragon NPC's themesong is basically Total Eclipse of the Heart and I nearly cried

Hmm I can just feel myself sliding comfortably into 'any pronoun is fine' territory

in my DnD game I have an ancient golden dragon who is married to a lvl 19 wizard, together they ended the dragon wars and rule the region of Dreithnir together, and I think that's the definition of a Power Couple

My daily routine is so upended this month and that is aalways without fail when I end up spending unnecessary amounts of money on what seems like absolutely nothing hahaa

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