The end of the mandalorian season 2 was so cool! I can't wait for the S3! :blobaww:

Hi alls! Long time no see. These days are complecates. Things are changing for me and I can't go paste posters in the street. It's kinda depressing. I miss it. I hope I still can do art in the futur ^^.

But for now I share work I made but didn't post.
please share the post so I can touch more people!

hello mastodon! long time no see :blobcatcoffee: hope everyone is fine, those days are kinda difficult for a lot.. courage! things will get better :blobcat:

I share a drawings with colors today. I'm still searching a style with color.

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HELLO Mastodon !!!!!! 🙆‍♂️ how are you?
I want to play to Zelda BOTW today. :blobaww:

With the quarantine I found an interest in jellyfish. :blobaww: So beautiful, it's fascinating to draw and inspiring! good exercise. :blobcatcoffee:

Hey mastodon! How are you!? Hope you've passed a nice day! :coolcat: Here I present you the last work of the trilogy. Also put in the street... old memories from before the quarantine! :cwy:
As usual please share and boost as you want! I like it :patcat:

Hi mastodon! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I forgot... :blobmiou: So I show you my next work right now. It had the same vibe that the previous one. I already post it in the street, just before the quarantine. :blobpeek:
Please be free to share, it's cool.

Hello mastodon! How are you? In this time I want to show something more(or less) soft. Not too depressive because I can feel peoples have enough with the news. There are 3 paintings, I'll show the rest tomorrow.
Please enjoy and feel free to share/boost.

I make my own bread during quarantine. Like a lot I know but I'm so proud.. :smug:

Hello mastodon! :bongoCat: I'm back, I wasn't really present this days. Sorry. Good to be back here ! :blobcat:

I just buy a tablet graphic. See all this peoples doing wonderful stuff with that make me want to try! it's hard to adapt... but quite fun! :blobcatcoffee:

Hi peoples ! Noticed my computer isn't totally broken. Only the screen is broken. I still can use it with an external screen. Yeah ! :blobaww: :pensive_party_blob:

Hello friends long time no see :blobcatcoffee: I wasn't here yesterday but I did some doodles that I'll show later. Today I post a work about madness which is quite accurate with the modial situation and state of mind. I try to put colors to make it more joyful. I'm still testing it...

I just broke my computer. I can only use mastodon with my phone. I have no access to my data... And with the pandemic I surely can't take them back soon. I will call the shop tomorrow. This situation sucks.

I share a quick drawing I made today. I stop here for today, sorry. : (

Hello mastodon! I post here a work showing the abondonment of ourself during harsh period. :welp: When you feel nothing anymore and don't know that better days can happen later.
I like to know if peoples feel/see something else in my drawing, please be free to tell if it is the case! :blobcatcoffee:

Good night all. I'm leaving for today with an old draw I made. In this time of "panic" it's important to stay unite. Don't go all by yourself, except if you like it. Keep your "mastolink" ! :breathe: (I'm sorry 😔, that's not a joke I have bad humor like my father).

oh and happy 13th friday!

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