Here's a picture of me in my new Aira glasses. Aira is an on call service that gives blind people the ability to get visual tasks done. It's like having a co-pilot who gives you directions and visual information. My Aira agent helped me line up the picture and then snapped it for me using my phone's camera.

@LiamErven That’s so cool! Was gonna comment that you accidentally uploaded a picture of a screenshot of your phone, but glad you spotted that!

@jag Oh it's amazing. I've used it for a number of tasks from helping me navigate the post office to doing some computer work to design screens for my YouTube live streams.

@LiamErven that’s freaking dope! I hope they continue to make you’re life easier.

@LiamErven That's really cool! I wish we had cell service at the house so I could volunteer.

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