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Product costing 113 on other websites is being sold at 395 on Bagga's website but I would urge you all not to tweet on twitter.com/PresidentVerde/sta

I have added Hindi, Marathi and Kannada to our translation portal:


I am loving how a lot of moderators from other instances have not only reached out but have told me they can be reached out for help and share tips on how to use the site. The moderators at mastodon are like so anti bigotry, it warms my heart to be in a place like this. A huge shout out to all instances at for such a warm welcome to us Indians. Please don’t judge us for sanghi madness, they drink cow urine and bathe in cow dung for starters , we are all not like that

@Deepsealioness joining the fight against bigotry and hate, Toot by Toot.
Grateful for your boost. Thanks

Finally am reading my TL , the major frenzy is over. Now it’s up to us to use this site for effective communication, entire news media Indian & International are talking about our exodus to Mastodon. We have created history guys, don’t leave the momentum


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