Still bouncing between birbsite and mastodon. The user base is too split sadly.

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:tchncs: :matrix: Our Matrix server has been updated to Synapse v1.6.0 🚀

ℹ️ Release announcement:

ℹ️ More about this server:

#tchncs #matrix

Mastodon needs an app to get people on the mainstream I think.

Ooooh. Found a way to sync my timelines with birdsite!

Is it bad I like restic over Borg? Go compiled code is nice.

Restic or Borg? I'm trying to choose a new file backup for my Windows Desktop. And while I like full disk imaging it feels very overkill for what I need.

Should I move to Mastodon.ART?

If other, reply with a different instance.

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I need place like Reddit for art/games/horror fiction that isn't so an negative.

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This.... This exactly is why sane are flying from twitter... An official verified police handle is openly threatening a journalist for a neutral tweet with pain and hope? Atleast they had the grace to delete the tweet!

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But the frederated timeline is so much nice here.... But is that because of my accounts?

Should I move my account to Its not hard to move any more.....

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