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Today, the Bonfire team is excited to announce our beta release 🔥🎉

We’re aware that Bonfire still needs a lot of work - like ensuring it federates as expected and improving configurability, accessibility and user experience - but that’s the point: we decided to launch at this stage with the intention of building the 1.0 release as a community.

🗞️ Blog post:

🌈 Signup on the playground instance:

And then I noticed i didn't drink enough water cause my heart rate spikes.

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Staring at Android logcat and a thing that is always interesting to me is when we have managed to recreate human anxiety conditions in a computer

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Happy Monday! Some of you asked if there's an official Mozilla #Matrix server, and there is:

Head over to

Welp, was wondering why the AP was reading as FE on the uplink instead of GbE.

One of the lines was frayed making physical, not electrical, contact.

Oh, and if you use Noodler's Ink, Don't. The creator is kinda scum.

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