It's getting warm outside, so I was going to close the back door to keep it cool inside. Someone isn't happy about this idea..

I wish people would understand that just because something new comes out like a reboot or sequel, it doesn't mean that they delete the original. The old thing is still there! Not deleted. Nothing actually changed and no childhoods were ruined. 🤷‍♂️

@MLISrevenge We already follow, I think, but just in case someone else is perusing the list and going "Just for variety, what about someone who works in children's services?"

Since, y'know, I could also use more library people to follow and talk with.

My Canadian friends don’t understand how delicious Wotsit (Cheese Puff) sandwiches are. They think I’m a bit odd.

insects, close-ups 

A few friends and neighbours for #InsectThursday Cool red #fly, I've seen on #flowers, no id; Flower Longhorn #Beetle/ Judolia montivagans, I think; Canadian Tiger Swallowtail #Butterfly /Papilio canadensis... so many more, but I have to get
#florespondence #Alberta #nature #insects

I got upset watching Emmerdale the other day. David (a character who owns a small shop in the village) dropped three or four packets of biscuits on the floor. THEN he picked them up and put them on the shelf for some poor suckers to buy! I was so angry about this. Now I know someone in Emmerdale will probably lose a HobNob in their tea. It's just evil is what it is.

Our Pride group put on their first ever bake sale today to raise funds for the local food bank. This is our first year running. 
They were so happy today, and they got to wear their handmade club t-shirts for the first time.
It might not sound like much, but we are a Catholic school board in Ontario, so this is huge. 

Ontario election, complaining.. 

Seeing Ontario vote in Conservatives for another 4 years has devastated me. They've done nothing but try to kill us all with cuts, mishandling the pandemic, corruption, missing *billions*!!, privatizations and dodgy deals to make their rich mates richer.. and people here are obviously perfectly OK with that. After watching the UK go down this road for the last 40 years, now I get to see it all over again and I really don't want to. I'm exhausted.

Ontario election, complaining.. 

All the reasons I wanted to get out of the UK I thought I was leaving behind, but the same shit is happening here. Canada isn't the socialist utopia people think it is. It's a backward looking, uncultured, super racist, hateful, violent capitalist corporatocratic shithole just like most of the rest of the world.

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It’s taken a while, but my SB is finally flying the flag at all our schools this year! We’ve had a lot of happy students today.

Pretty purple flowers in my garden. I’m pretty sure everyone else classes them as weeds but I think they make my garden look nice.

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