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Long 'The Talk' with your children 

When did you have to have "The Talk" with your children?
It was the spring of 1997 my daughter was 12 and my son was 11, when this 'Single Dad Custodial Parent' had to have 'The Talk'...
I reached into the console of my truck and discovered the little bastards has raided my stash and it was completely dry...
Time for 'The Talk!'
And years of not keeping weed on hand, make them get their own...

Being a single dad custodial parent wasn't easy... continued

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Long 'The Talk' with your children 

My first thought was the risk to custody if their youthful indiscretion put them in a situation where it could come back to me.

That 'Young Hip DARE Officer' at school running the 'Narc On Your Parents Program' could pounce on any thread of information and certainly children that young were a valid concern that they wouldn't know what to say...

Or worse them being caught for possession of marijuana could ruin their whole life with an arrest record... Continued

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Long 'The Talk' with your children 

Yes... Time for that talk...

We sat down and I told them no, I wasn't mad they stole my stash...

I was going to miss it but it was okay...

I was hoping you guys would wait a little while longer and be more mature but here we are...

The friendly DARE officer is not your friend, but don't let him know otherwise. His job is to arrest people and ruin their lives. Don't tell him anything! Ever!

Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol except for the law. Continued

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Long 'The Talk' with your children 

In fact I'd prefer that you smoke weed rather than drink alcohol.

You need to be discrete, make sure that you hang out with the cool kids. The kids who don't show off that they smoke weed. The ones that keep it low key and are sure of their surroundings before pulling it out and smoking or even talking about it...

Be careful because with anything that gets you high you can spend too much time doing it and not be responsible. Continued

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Long 'The Talk' with your children 

You need to do your school work, and all the other things you are supposed to do 1st. Then it's party time...

Don't get busted!

That is all...

Evidently it worked, they graduated school and grew up just fine without incident, and are reasonably successful...

They turn me on to some weed sometimes now... LOL

My daughter's oldest is 11 and I wonder when she'll have to do 'The Talk'...

SomehowI'm not worried for her...
I think she'll do just fine!

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This dropped in Birdland a little over an hour ago.

Boost if you think I should just ring off Twitter for the rest of the day, even though it's only 14:26edt here.

Oh, christ, it's the Mother Of All Rallies again.

What did they get last year... like, 30 people or something?
via Sputnik Internat'l

was a fascist mouthpiece who instigated violence against marginalized people, urged viewers to shoot reporters & burn trans people alive, and told parents of Sandy Hook victims that they faked their children's deaths.

Nothing of value was lost.

Just wanted to say to all my following I've moved over to Todon please follow me there...

propably good news: fascists were beaten by antifa in greece 

''30 fascists were beaten by comrades at the railway station of #Thessaloniki
this morning. Earlier, the fascists had carried out a series of racist attacks on the train.
#Antifa ''

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This Kavanaugh guy might have once said; "Mommy, can I fuck the puppies too"
I'll get back to you.

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Hey followers I've migrated over to Todon...
Please follow me at @Liberal_Azzole

I just migrated over to a Todon Instance it looks like it went smoothly, keeping all the followers and follows. My timeline looks right anyway. Looking forward to seeing Bofa again...

I just saw the Alex Jones Vs Marco Rubio shoulder tap smack down and I kinda liked it.

🎼 *intro to the flintstones theme* 🎷
🎤 jordan peterson: YABBA DABBA DOO
🎶 incels / meet the incels / involuntary cel-i-ba-cy / racist / angry virgins / theyre the worst online communi-ty 🎶

Like, someone stuck at a dude's house because you were gonna jam but she's fucking around with her 40 year old weird boyf all weekend while he's on acid is at home at ANY income level.

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Elon Musk is proof that everyone everywhere is basically just trailer trash.

Why are people trying to ban plastic straws when there are way bigger contributors to climate change like fossil fuel companies and CVS giving out 12 foot receipts and billionaires

I really like this pair of Nikes, really wish they weren’t 90 bucks made by indentured servants

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